Chapter 57

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Release Date May 2nd, 2012
Arc Dark 7 Series Arc
Chapter 57
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The Amusement Park of Fear
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Accelerate (加速kasoku) is the fifty-seventh chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Anise tells thems that the next attration is the Hell Jet Coaster. Anise also tells them to be careful but is shocked to see them taking a break. Raven makes Emma a hot pot and Shion gives her a drink. She drinks and makes a reactions which cause Shion and Raven to thinks she is sick and try to heal her. Anise tells them to kick it up and another bell rusts. Shion then asks why she is leaves but she tells him that she saw another can she liked and to do his best. Anise then leave because something is awakening and has to go keep it busy and trandforms into a women. She then thinks that if she can't go back, she will protect everyone. Emma then ask where Anise went and that she was acting weird. Shion tells her not to worry and that she disappears often and always returns.

Luu then points out where the ride is, while on Raven's shoulders. A voice then tells them that the ride is about to start. They then get into the ride with Shion in the front, Emma and Luu in the middle, and Raven in the back. Emma and Luu both wonder what is a roller coaster, which Shion is about to tell them but it takes off fast. Emma and Luu scream, while Shion tells them that its this kind of ride. They then pass under a waterfall, which Shion blocks it with an umbrella. Next is a fire wall, but Raven freezes it. They then pass inside a house but nothing happens. They then says that its was easy put the coaster down off and splits them up. Emma and Luu then meet up with two people (One dressed in a cat costum, and the other in a dog costum). Raven meets up with a women dressed with less clothes and rabbit ears. He tells her to not dress in provocatively, which she shows him her breasts and cause him to panic. Shion then meets up with last one and he attacks Shions. He also tells Shion that the others are also facing the other mascots.

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