Balthazar of the Devil's Ice

Magico 18

Jahyou no Barutazāru
Chapter Information
Release Date July 5th, 2011
Arc Echidna Battle Arc
Chapter 18
Volume Meteor Shower
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Phoenix Mage Melchior
Cinderella of 100 Hits
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Balthazar of the Devil's Ice (邪氷のバルタザール Jahyou no Barutazāru)is the eighteenth chapter of the Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


After his victory against Melchior of the Magi, Shion confronts the remaning two brothers. However, he was soon engulfed in a black fog which was Melchior's trump card, Venomous Fang of the Death Dragon, a poisonous wind which paralyzes target's entire body for fifteen minutes. Although once it is used, the caster is unable to use magic for a month, so it is used as a last measure.

Shion, who is now completely paralyzed, lies on the ground helpessly where Balthazar comes down to make his move. He creates a blade of ice on his right hand to strike a final blow when Luu, who couldn't just watch destroys the barrier with her Palm Exchange Magic: Iomante. Luu stands in the way of Balthazar trying to protect Shion as he is her family, which Balthazar mocks by saying them as garbage. Angered, Luu throws a punch which Balthazar easily aviods and strikes her with a spray of cold dust.

While Luu seemed unharmed she realizes that she is unable to see. Balthazar explains that his Freezing Curse, which can freeze the functions of living organs and renders them completely useless. He froze Luu's sense of sight, smell, and hearing have been disabled. Balthazar relentlessly attacks helpless Luu who now overwhelmed by fear, while he also trembles from excitement. Melchior explains that like him who love to play you'll be looking that way, his brother actually loves to toy with people too. Melchior tells Balthazar to quickly wrap it up before the poison wears off from Shion. With that, Balthazar freezes Luu's sense of pain where she can no longer react even when her leg was impaled. As Balthazar goes for the finish, Luu recognises this feeling from when she first learned when she was in a forest filled with wild beasts. With her wild instinct, she was able to tell where Balthazar is and attacks him, until she reaches a chain combo of 100, with her ultmate attack.