Battle of the Brides


hanayome no tousou
Chapter Information
Release Date October 23rd, 2011
Arc Best Couple Contest Arc
Chapter 32
Volume With All One's Heart
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A Wavering Heart, Fireworks, and Bombs
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Battle of the Brides (花嫁の闘争 hanayome no tousou) is the thirty-second chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Emma stares at one of the sisters of Undine. One of them asks if she just say you'll beat me up. She announces herself as Layla and she accepts her challenge.

The announcer tells the wives that each of them is assigned to one of themand that only the tears from that one will extinguish the bomb. He then tells the sisters that if any of them holds back there tears, they will be provided with a special bonus.

Emma releases a killing aura and says that she won't let Shion die. Shion asks why she is filled with such murderous rage. Anise yells that Emma is still in shock about hearing that Shion would die. Emma then starts to run at the sisters. The announcer then starts the ritual. Emma trip hen gets up and continues running. Emma slam herself into Layla's chest over and over again. Emma then begins to pull Layla's breast but it just annoys her and she hit her away.

Shion then yells at her says that he could she her panties. Layla then says whats good about her, when she is much prettier. Another sister then tells Shion that it was bad luck gettting her. She continues to says that Layla was dumped around 10 thousand times and is known as the queen of getting dumped. She also says that within Layla that she is overflowing with the power of jealousy. Layla looks at her and says if she is trying to make her cry.

Rosetta then appears behind the sister and activates her Devils Glass. Rosetta captures her and get the tearsby spinning her. Then Alice easily gets the tears by using her Beast-Morph magic to beat hers up. Emma then realizes that she can just us magic. She then activates the Three sacred garments but it goes wild cause of her emotions. Emma then stops it but it enrages Layla. Laylathen activates her Dark Gemini Zone, to create a sea to drown Emma. Then her sister says that the sea is like Layla's heart,calling it gloomy, nasty, and pitch-black. Luu the tries to help Emma but is stopped by Anise saying that they will be disqualified.

Emma then thinks that Shion will die. She then thinks she will always be his wife and resolvesw to save him. Layla then tosses her out and says that her aura same demonic one from 500 years ago. Emma then thinks if she is talking about the Echidna. As the crowd wonder whats going on, Emma sees her chance and reveals that sees is the Ehidna, Shocking Shion and Layla.