Because It's You

Chapter 60

Chapter Information
Release Date May 23rd, 2012
Arc Dark 7 Series Arc
Chapter 60
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Two Smiles
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Because It's You (そのためにsonotameni) is the sixtieth chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Raven says that Shion ripped open a hole in the fabric of space. Bunny says that noone can do that. Raven then notices Emma and thinks that its no time to be embarressed and that he has to beat Bunny. Emma then notices Shion and smiles. Emma then tells him that she is coing to him, which causes Shion to pannick. Raven then remembers how he fell in love with Emma's smile. He then realizes that Emma is in love with Shion.

Luu then transforms back into a kid. Bunny then notices that Rabbit, Grandpa, and Mr. Cat have all been defeated. She become enrageed and tries to kill Luu. Luu fall unconscious while Bunny tries to kill her. Shion then blocks her and tells her to sleep. He also calls her his daughter which shocks her. Shion then beats Bunny. Raven then notices that he was always worried about Luu. Luu then hugs Shion but ends up choking him.

They then complete the ride and get all the stamps for defeating the mascots. The treasures come out and they recieve the Triple Phoenix. It gives off a warm feeling and even heals Shion. Shion then thinks that he will have to complete the ritual where he has to hold Emma for 2 days. Shion then notices that the other boxes where empty. Ain then appears and says that she took them. Shion tells her to not him like that but she says that she was trying to scare him. She continues to says that they only needed one so she took the rest. She also tells them Shion that he doesn't have to worry about Faust and that she will make more memories from now no even through that it will cost alot. She then tells them that they should leave soon. Shion says that he will stay and what for Anise.

After they leave, Raven in on a balcony looking at the moon. A group is watching him, talking about how he was dumped. Raven remebers Emma telling him that she wants to be with Shion forever. The group then tries to cheer him up, even some of them saying the they should date one of them. Which makes him laughs.

Shion the enter the castle and tells them that Anise is not their. Emma is worried that Anise got into an accident. A bunch of black cat show up and tell them that Anise is not their and that they have a message for them from their.

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