Best Couple Contest is a contest held in flavell to find the world's best couple. The couples compete in a series of rituals, against one another til the last couple standng.


The winners of this contest wins the legendary "Magico House: El Dorado".


A series of rituals there the couples compete with their love. There is a total of 4 rituals total.

The Ritual of Carrying Your Bride: The wives drink a potion that increases their weight by 100 times. The husbands then carry their wives through a course filled with various traps. The first 50 couples move on to the next stage.

The Ritual of Couple's Q&A: The couples sit in a magical chair, across from each other, and answer questions about what they know of each other. If you answer wrong you get shocked. The top 20 couples move on to the next stage.

The Ritual of Hubby's Critical Moment: The husbands drink a potion that turns them into a bomb, that will explode in 30 minutes. Then the wife must beat up one of the 20 sisters of Undine, to get their tears that are the only thing that can extinguish the fuse.

The Ritual of Ring Battle, Grab that Wedding Ring: The contestants battle each other for their wedding rings. The ones who have all the wedding rings win.


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  • Latvia and Lizka