Best Couple Contest Arc

Chapter 52

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Manga Chapters 23-51
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Arc OutlineEdit

Best Couple Contest Arc is the third arc of the Magico series. This Arc is where Shion and Emma enter a contest that is held every 50 years, in order to obtain a magical item that is used to complete Magico. They also meet a couple, Joshua and Rosetta. Shion meets with his brother, Faust, who wants Shion to perform a ritual for him.

Plot OverviewEdit

After the BattleEdit

Shion is in a hospital watching a video pideon about Gasper. In a flashback it is revealed that after Shion's last attak Gasper started to cry saying "that he couldn't protect his brothers". In the same room, one of the guards complained about giving their countries treasure to Shion. The headguard hits him and said the its the Magi's doing and for saving them, they should repay him. Shon gets embarassed and hides under his pillow. Then Emma enters the room in a wedding dress. Everyone compliments her and the meddling granny pushes Shion towards her. Afterwards Emma's emotions run wild and launches her into the sky. Then the head guard explaines the Three Sacred Garments. Shion then flies after her. Emma then flies past some people. Shion then catchesup to her,on Lightning-san. He tells her to say a word that tranforms the wedding dress into a bracelet and she does it. Shion catches her, but Lightning-san cant stop himself after speeding up to fast and crashes into a house.

Chance MeetingEdit

Their Rosetta checks to see if they are okay. When they wake up, Emma apologizes for the mess and then Joshua returns and kisses her on the lips. He then asks Shion and Emma to do it too, which shocks them. Rosetta the proceeds to kiss both Emma and Shion, causing Emma to got nuts says he has a wife. Rosetta and Joshua both laugh saying the its was just her way of says hi. They then call Emma Echidna, Shocking them and put up a guard. Joshua then proceeds to tell them that they don't care about the Echidna and only wanted to see what see looked liked. He further tells them that he was in his reading that they will be running into each other frequently. Joshua then looks at Emma and calls her ugly shocking her. He also points out what is wrong with her and calls her ugly again. Emma then becomes depressed. Shion becomes enraged and says the Emma is the cutes girl in the world. Joshua then tells them that to him his wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. Emma then thinks that Rosetta is beautiful. Joshua then looks at a watch and says that time is up. Rosetta then kisses him unlocking his magic power. Shion thinks that her magi is the Prncess Kiss. Joshua then worns them that their magic power will awaken too bacause she kiss them. Joshua and Rosetta the fly away. Shion then appears muscler and Emma's hair runs wild. Shion and Emma then fly by back to Luu and Anise. Anise then asks where were they at. Shion then says that he is tired. Anise the asks if he will be fine for the tournament tomorrow.

Entering the ContestEdit

The next an announcer, at an area, yells it is time for a tournament held once 50 years to find the best magial couple in the world. he then yells that at the best couple contest begins. He also says that the winners will win the magical house: El Dorado. They then start off with the returning couple ceremony. Shion the tells Emma the next ritual My House and they have to obtain it and live in it. He cotinues to tell her that they have to win the tournament. They then hear someone says that the mage couples are all below the level of piggies. It turns out to be Joshua and he then says that victory is theres. Both Shion and Emma then looked shocked. Joshua then sees Shiona and Emma, and greets them by calling them by nicknames. As they are leaving Joshua tries to stop them. Joshua then says that he has respect for Shion for marrying an ugly girl. Joshua then ask the other husbands if they volunteered to marry their wives, causing 2/3 of the contestants to resign. Entry no. 36, Jute and Leisha, call him a devil but the wife pays no mind and says that their are only going it to sell the prize. Entry no. 91, Alice and Tomp, gets mad and hit her husband for being to timid and tring to calm her down. Entry no. 15, Juubee and Ayame, insult Alice and Tomp for having their roles reverse. Entry no. 3, Neru-Neru and Roro-Roro, tells her to calm down and that not letting the small stuff is the secret to longevity. The king then tells the contestant that they willneed to complete it with their love and starts the tournament.

First RitualEdit

When the tournament starts, all the wives are drink a potion that increases thier weigh. Tomp summons a monster to pick up Alice. Juubee easily picks up his wife. Neru-neru summons balloons to carry him wife. Joshua picks up him wife with his arms. After Joshua insults Emma, Shion creates a suit of straw and carries her across the finish line in first place.

Second RitualEdit

After the first ritual, the organizers summon an arena with chairs. They then tell the contestant that the next ritual with be a Q&A ritual. Shion and Emma failed all the question until the BWH question came up. Next came the final three questions. the organizers bring in doubles of the contests. Their first question was what was wrong with the double. Shion and Emma was able to easily able to answer. The second question was what was wrong with reason why they entered the tournament. Shion and Emma was worried about the Echidna being revealed. Joshua answers the question, causing Neru-Neru to reveal that Rosetta was the queen of Dreagon Tail and that they had run away together. This then causes a commoction and gives Shion and Emma the chance to answer. During the last question, the contestants then answer about their partner past. Emma meets Klara. Emma then sees Shion's past, but could not answer it. Shion was able to answer it cause that was when they met. Emma then asks for a second chance. Emma then tells him Klara that she loves Shion, this causes Klara to pass her.

Reunion of BrothersEdit

After passing the second ritual, Shion and Emma have a picnic with Luu, Anise, Rosetta, and Joshua. Emma meet with Klara and starts to cry after their talk and runs away. Rosetta goes with Luu and Anise, while Joshua follows Shion. While Shion is looking for Emma, he runs into Tomp. A person then comes out of Tomp's mouth. Shion the reveal him to be Fuast and his brother. Fuast is glad to meet him and tell him that he killed their mother. Fuast then tells him that he was Shion to help him to complete a ritual and evens blakmails him to do it. Joshua stops him and they have a fight. Fuast then stops and leaves. Shion and Joshua then have a short talk. Afterwards Rosetta, Luu, and Anise find Emma calm and look at souvnirs. While Shion was running to Emma, he runs into Neru-neru who reveals Rosetta's past to other contestants. Afterwards all the contestants return to the arena.

Third RitualEdit

Before the next round begins Joshua thinks back to a reading of his that involves around theirs and Shion and Emma's destinies. Faust has returned to into Tomp's mouth. When the third ritual starts all the husbands drinks a potion that turns them into bombs. The announcer tells them that the husbands will explode (but not die) if they get the tears of one of the sisters of undine. Emma get angry and announces that she will save Shion. One of the sister announcer her name as Layla, and accepts her challenge. The ritual then starts and runs at Layla, but falls and lands on her face. Emma gets up at slams in Layla multiple times. Emma then pulls one of Layla's breast but Layla just hit her away. Shion then yells has Layla. layla then ask why she likes Emma when that Layla is alot prettier. A sister of hers tell them that dumped around ten thousand times causing Layla to start crying. Rosetta then captures the sister in a wine glass and spins her until she cries. Alice then makes another sister cry by transforming into a werewolf. Emma sees this and relies that she can use magic to get the tear. Emma activates the three sacred garments but it runs wild. Layla get mad and tries to drown Emma in a sea. Another sister says that the sea is like her heart, causing layla to start to tear up. Layla then feels the power of the Echidna inside Emma and throws her out. Emma then says that she is the echidna and Layla becomes scared. Layla then remembers when that she first say the echinda. She also remembers someone holding a girls head. Everyone and one of the sister laughs. Emma scares Layla some more until she cries. Emma rushes over to Shion and the bombs explodes. When the smoke clears Shion is safe. Emma and Shion talk causing Shion to remember and starts crying.


The audience start to wonder if she is the echidna. An attendent asks the king if they should suspend her or suspend the tournament. Two people appear behind the king telling him that won't be necessary. One of them pulls out a staff and the king realize that they are from Sephirot. A hooded figure then bite the king. The small one tells the king that the elders are fans of the tournament and hope that the tournament will not be cancelled. The king asks him what he is talking about. In the arena, everyone seems to have forgotten about the echidna. The little one hands the attendent a small gift and leaves. A third one appears before the other two and tells them that he was able to devour the memories of seeing the echidna from 3 thousand people. He also asks what the elders are thinking. The little one tells him that the elders what something like the echidna to disappear.

Shion's AnswerEdit

Faust is outside the arena hitting on a women. Ain comes behind him saying that he hasn't changed. Faust tries to hit on her, but gets stabbed in the head. Ain tells Faust the she say Shion and he would make a test subject for the ritual for the 99th forbidden magic record killer. Ain then asks if he is okay with using Shion, that the ritual may cause abnormalities to him. Faust tells her that Shion belongs to him and that he can do anything he wants to him. Emma asks Shion why people have forgotten about her. Shion thinks that it is some sort of magic. Shion sees Faust and runs to him, while telling them to hide. When Shion meets with Faust, He talk to Shion about the last ritual. Faust also tells Shion that someone sucks out the memories of the echidna during the ritual. Faust then tells Shion that he is glad that Shion came to see him. Shion then tells him taht he came to reject his proposal. Emma is then shown to be hiding a large pot but gets stuck. Faust asks why he is rejecting his proposal. Shion tells him that he has someone he loves. After Shion leaves, Faust apologizes to Ain while crying and bleeding from hims mouth. While Shion runs back he thinks that he will protect Emma.

Fourth RitualEdit

The king tells the finalist that the last ritual will take place in a castle they summoned. He also tells them that they have to battle to get the other couples rings. The finalists are revealed to be Shion and Emma, Alice and Tomp, Juubee and Ayame, Latvia and Lizka, Podrov and Yulia, and Joshua and Rosetta. Shion and Emma talk about if the ring is taken off then the Echidna will begin to awaken. Joshua then talks to them with Emma replying and believing that she made a good comeback. Shion and Joshua then tell each other that they will be getting serious. In the audience, Ain meets up with with the men of Sephirot. Ain calls him Caph and asks what he is doing here. He tells her that he is watching over the echidna. Ain then tells him she is working to, and start drooling when she talks about the reward. She then tells him that her lient is looking for raw materials. He then ask if he is in the competing. The ritual then begins and the contestants enter the castle. The contestants are seperated. Alice, Tomp, Joshua, and Rosetta then begin fighting. Tomp tries to alm Alie down by revealing that they want to get his paretns to accept them by winning the tournament. Joshua then provokes Alice. Elsewhere Shion gives Ema a glove that will protect the ring. Juubee and Ayame walk out from the shadows. Podrov and Yulia watch from the shadows. Shion the unleashes his magic ready to fight.

Shion and Emma VS. Juubee and Ayame VS. Podrov and YuliaEdit

Shion then starts attacking. Luu yells to Shion that he is awesome. A boy then tells her that that is not a big deal. Yulia then tells her husband to retreat, but he gets fired up and attacks. Shion defeats him and takes his ring. Juubee says that the rumored broom magic is strong. Juubee and Ayame then activate their magic. Outside the arena, Jute and Leisha are talking to some people, whit one of them revealing that Juubee and Ayame are a popular couple in the tournament. Juubee and Ayame then summons a dragon. Ayame tells Shion what his broom had of while that dragon burns hit. The boy laughs telling Luu that his mom and dad are the strongest. Luu then punches him for calling her parents weak. While Luu and Musashi fight, the cats talk. in the arena Shion cut the burning straw off. Shion then loses the dragons mouth to stop it from breathing fire. Juubee then apologizes and stop to eat. Juubee then explain how thier magic works and if they reach the last word they summon a demon god. Shion asks why he's telling him this. juubee replies that he likes fighting honorably. They then bwgin fighting again. Yulia waits on the side for they to gets exhausted, but is captured by Latvia and Lizka.

Shion and Emma VS. Juubee and AyameEdit

Juubee then summons a sun. It get so hot that Emma begins to strip. Shion asks why they summon something like that. Juubee is in his underwear while Ayame is under her umbrella. Juubee tells Shion that the pillar of the family will not run away. Shion just yells at him. Juubee says that he will protect his family, while Musashi reveal that their clan is the moon night clan. Anise reveal that the clan founded the first magic and ritual in the orient. Shion tells Juubee he will not run away. He then pulls out more brooms and tries to stop the sun. Juubee and Ayame then summon viruses and infect Shion. Emma then cues him easily, which shocks everyone. Juubee then summons a sandstorm. Shion dodges it and Ayame summons a reaper. Shion defeats it and insults them. Juubee and Ayame then quick repeat summons until they summon the demon god. The demon is summoned and an old man. Juubee tells Oni that they nees their rings for the wish of the moon's night clan. Oni then uses Juubee's and Ayame's souls to restore his youth. Oni then attack but misses. Oni then reveals that he was created by the Moon's Night Clan's ancestor and that he is the guardian of the clan. He also reveals that his lightning is the souls of past Moon Night Clan ancestors. Oni then activates a spell that takes ontrol of everyone in a 10 km radius. Oni then has everyone dance. He then has Shion take his ring off. He tries this with Emma but the ring is covered. The echidna is released a little and releasing Emma from Oni's Spell. Oni then has everyone throw something at Emma. Anise then tells Emma to makes babies with Shion to release him. Anise then tells Emma how to do it. Emma then rushes to Shion and kisses him. Shion then gets a nose bleed and flies over the place. Oni then tries to capture Shion again but gets his horns cut off.

A Place to Return toEdit

Shion and Emma have obtained Juubee and Ayame's Rings. Juubee attacks them but misses. A dark aura comes out from Juubee, Ayame, and Musashi and start destroying the areas around them. Anise then reveal that its the Moon Night Clan Curse. Oni then reveal that the origins of the curse and that they cant stay in a place for long periods of time. They also reveal that they hope that the magical house would supress that curse and that they would have a place to call home. Shion then picks up Juubee, Ayame, and Musashi. Shion then has Sieg eat everyone (including himself, Emma and Luu). Shion then tells them if they don't have a place to go then just come to his. Ayame then worries that the curse will destroy the place. Oni tells them that Sieg is a holy dragon and has the power to suppress the curse. Oni also reveals that the bones and scales of the Holy dragons were used to make weapons. Oni also reveals that Sieg is the last of his kind. Shion tells them that he found him hidden underground and that his parents must have done it to protect him. Anise says that there are plenty of spell books and can research on how to remove the curse. Musashi then yells at them says that where every they went they were called monsters and disgusting. Shion tells him taht he is not disgusting and that he wants new neighbors. Juubee then apologizes and thanks them. Musashi then starts crying. Luu tells him that his dad is awesome. They then get into a fight. Back at the arena Ayame tells Emma that she entrust their rings to them. Before Oni leaves, Juubee thanks him for saving the people from hunger. Latvia then appears behind behind and kills him by slamming Podrov and Yulia heads against Juubee's.

Jushua and Rosetta VS. Alice and TompEdit

Joshua and Alice are still fighting. Joshua notices that Alice maybe big but she moves fluidly. He also notices that she is letting her bestial instincts loose. Joshua then shoots himself and turns into a pig. Alice then bites him leaving an opening for Rosetta to beat her. Joshua and Rosetta then defeat them and get their rings. Alice then starts crying. She reveals that she wanted to win so her marriage would be accepted. Tomp tells her stop crying and that he will try his best to get everyone to like her because he loves her. Alice then hugs him and crushes his bones. Joshua then wonder where is Faust is if he is not in Tomp.

The Final Three CouplesEdit

Elsewhere Shion attack Latvia. Faust then comes out of Latvia's mouth shocking everyone. Faust the grabs Ayame and Musashi and return Juubee back to life. Faust repeats killing and reviving Juubee causing him great pain.Shion then attacks him but Faust dodges. Faust then reveals that he is Shion's older brother. Faust then says that it is unfair that Shion has good things and that he will destroy everything of his. Ain then reveals that he there is not bigger slefish person then him and that is what she loves most about him. Faust then summon skeletons. Suddenly Joshua and Rosetta appear, with Joshua wanting to fight Faust. Rosetta tells him to Faust is an intruder and has to be ejected. Ain then walks away saying it time to join my husband. The announcer then tells everyone that Faust is not an intruder but the contestant Latvia. Ain then enters the stage and announcing that she is Latvia's wife. Shion then asks Faust why he entered the tournament. Faust says that he wanted to give the prize to him for helping him with his ritual. Joshua tells them to shut up and pulls out at rifle. Shion then stops him and says that he will defeat his brother. Joshua then comments on this, where shion replies that he will go down after he defeats Faust. Faust laugh at Shion for thinking he could beat him. Shio then attaks Faust and his skeletons. Juubee then thinks that Shion was about to mold his broom to look like the demon god's lightning. Shio then tells Faust that he doesn't care if he ruins the tournament and that he will beat him to protest his preccious ones, victory and their wishes. Faust then summons a stage and asks what game his magic bast on. Shion replies othello. Faust then offers their rings and the rings that they took as a prize. Faust then says that is will be a six on six death match. Faust then explains how his magi works. Faust then explain the rules of the match. Joshua then fires his gun and says why should he help Shion. Faust then explains that the skeleton are human being flipped to being dead. Emma then tells Shion to do it, so they can save the people.

Black VS. WhiteEdit

Emma then asks everyone for their help, which Juubee, Ayame, and Rosetta agreed to. She then asks Joshua. Joshua then insults her and says that he will help. Ain then enhances the skeletons and attacks them. The skeletons then attack the group, causing them to seperate. Emma then saves Juubee, but gets turned into a skeleton herself. Shion then gets mad and tries to turn her back. Shion then almosts gets turned into a skeleton but Joshua saves him. Joshua then helps Shion turn Emma back to human. Shion and Joshua then have a short conversation. Faust then kiks a skull at Rosetta. Rosetta awaken the magi in her arms and sends the skull upwards. Rosetta and Joshua the turn one of the skeletons back to human. Faust then gets a nosebleed and asks Rosetta to marry him, which he get shot down. Faust then tries to ask Emma, but Shion tells him to shut up and the only place she belong is at his side. Emma then hugs says the she gladly be at his side. Ain then tries to attack Shion and Emma, but get countered. Ain then thinks about Shion and how powerful he is. Joshua then grabs Ain from behind and throws her to the ground and hold her their. Everyone then takes this chance to revert all the skeletons to humans. Ain then stabs Joshua's leg with a hidden blade. Ain the controls the human that where reverted to hold down Juubee, Ayame, and Rosetta. Faust then kicks to skulls that them. but Shion was able to save them at the cost of his broom. Faust then jumps up and tries to turn them again. Shion and Emma the try to save them but get caught by Ain. Faust then begins to turn everyone exept Joshua into a skeleton. Joshua then fires himself at them and frees Shion. Before turned Emma tells him SHe believes in him. Faust then gloats at shion for being the only one left and says it hopeless. Shion says he doesn't feel hopeless and says that he is troublefree. Faust then says he wants his old brothe back and that he has kept all the bedwetted sheets, bloody handkerchief and tears he had shed. Shion then calls him disgusting. Faust then kick Shion, but Shion kicks him and sends him flying. Shion then put on different clothes.

Shion VS. FaustEdit

Shion has his broom eat his head. Anise says that what he is doing is a ritual. She also says that he has to offer something to summon a power that goes beyond Broom Star. Anise tells Luu its his happy memoeries. Luu becomes worried, but Shion says that they can just make more. Shion completes the ritual and a number of brooms are around him. The skeletons attack Shion but he dodges them. Shion says that he has decided to use Enke, the second broom. Shion then captures the skeletons and disappeared. Shion then appears behinds Faust. He Explains that he end up going around the world, shocking everyone. Faust says its useless because he is just one white piece. Shion says that he is also a white piee and uses him to try to turn everyone to normal. Faust then reveal his turn appearance and calls himself a complete magical being. Faust says that this magical being is a failed work, and the ultamite magic that the black ritual brings about. Shion then calls him cool looking, which Faust attacks him. Faust then reverse gravity, lifting the stage, Shion, and himself into the air. Faust then explains that is monochrome heart ultamite and that it can reverse the properties and fundamentals truths of any object. Faust then enlarges rocks into boulders. Faust then reverse the properties and throws them at Shion. He then explodes one of the boulders. Faust then says that he hates Shion for having everything he wants. Shion says that he is depressing and they start having a sibling quarrel. Faust then create a large sphere that kills whatever touches. Shion then points his broom at Faust. They both fire their attacks. Shion's attack wins and hit Faust in the process. Faust reverts back into a human. Anise then realizes that Shion made him use all his magic so that he would revert back. Shion then captures Faust and uses him to turn everyone back, and claiming victory.

Final TwoEdit

Everyone cheers for Shion for his win over Faust. Shion thinks their annoying but Emma is smiling. When Shion asks why she is smiling, She replies that she is happy that everyone is praising him. He says that they are not praising him but insulting him. Emma then hug Shion and causes him to get a nosebleed. Anise head ove rto Faust and gets the four fing in his mouth. Anise the asks Ain what she is doing. She then my a contract with the unconcious Faust, says that she help him and gets his entire fortune. Ain the pats Faust's head and calls him cute. Shion tells Ain to tell Faust when he gets into a tough situation again, to just come over to his place. She tells him that it will cost him 50 million to relay a message, shocking him. Joshua then walks over to Shion and asks him to see who's the best. Shion and Joshua both agree to finish it with one blow. Caph thinks that Shion's Reverse Broom Magic will be up soon and that he will everything he has into one blow. The king thinks that Joshua won't last much longer because of his leg, but his power will sky rocket because of Rosetta. Joshua and Rosetta the kiss and unlocks joshua's power. Anise thinks that the power is the same as when the seond broom appeared. Shion then summons Volf, the fourteenth broom. Shion then says that there are going to do it. Emma then tries to kiss Shion but Shion activates the red string which ties together souls and becomes stronger. Shion and Joshua are then readyto battle one another.

Shion VS. JoshuaEdit

Shion and Joshua agrue with each other on who should attak first. Both Emma and Rosetta laugh over this. Joshua then decided to attack first. He insults Shion and fires a monster at Shion. Joshua then explains that the guns are called Disaster Zoo and that is takes the malice from his insults and transforms them into powerful monsters. Shion attacks the monster and destroys the castle with the monster. The king explains that the it took a hundred master spell-casters to create the barrier and suspension spell. Joshua then compliments Shion. Juubee hears a heartbeats stronger and faster, and notices that the broom is getting stronger. Shion explain that the broom is named Volf and that it is directly connected to his heart. He continues to explain that his heart pumps energy into the broom and that the more his heart beats the stronger the broom becomes. Emma then touches Shion's back making the broom stronger. Joshua then insults Shion again and fires a more powerful monster, which Shion attacks. As the smokes clears, both Shion and Joshua are standing. They then begin to fall. Emma and Rosetta then call out their names, causing them to stand back up. Joshua then says that he was short one word and doesn't like insulting his friends, then falls. Rosetta then comment on Joshua's expression and that this is probably the first time Joshua approves of someone.


Shion and Emma are then declared the victors of the Best Couple Contest. Emma then hugs after his win. Later inside the magical house "El Dorado", everyone is having a party. Shion then wonders what is happening. The king tells him that the winning couple invites every other participating couple to a banquet where they celebrate everyone's efforts. Some people then try to get Shion to join in but get hit away. Emma then tries to have him join, but he pulls away and leave. Emma then wonders why Shion is acting like his old self. Anise then begins to tell her. Elsewhere, Luu and Musashi are exploring the house. They both get excited when they see a floating toilet. Musashi then gets serious and explain that he has to go help his parents build their new home inside Sieg. Luu then finds a hidden door, with Musashi heading in their. In the attic someone wakes up. They realize that they have slept for 50 years. They then realize that a new head of the house, and wonders about the party, food, and booze. They then get up and is introduced as Kyuutosu. She says that its cold and takes a nap to warm up. Shion then enters the attic and asks if she is the attic demon. Kyuutosu asks if he is the new master of the house and if he brought her food and booze. Shion then put his hand on her head and tells her to leave. Shion tells her that he heard about her from the king and drags her away. Kyuutosu then tells Shion that if she stays their he can make a contract with her and can use her magic. Kyuutosu then explain her magic to Shion. Shion tells her that he needs the house and not her. Back at the party, Joshua and Rosetta toast. Joshua then tells Rosetta that he will get stronger. Shion then brings a tied up Kyuutosu to Joshua and Rosetta. Shion says that he doesn't need her and that they can use her magic to put anyone to sleep and beat them. Joshua declines and tells him that he will get stronger his own way. Shion and Joshua then get anger at eachother. Kyuutosu then frees herself and tells them that she is not going anywhere. Emma then finds Shion and thinks that she will create new memories with him. The king then tries to tell Shion the last things he has to do before the party ends. Kyuutosu then unleashes her magic and she will be the master of the house and that she should will be overboard.

Faust and AinEdit

Faust and Ain are riding a large beast away from the stadium. Faust wonders what is this feeling. Ain asks how is using forbidden magic to become human any different from using transforming magic to revert back to human form. He asks that he doesn't know but he feels relieved. He continues to say that he always elt weighted down by a dark insecurity but now its gone. He even reveals that before he was a mage, that insecurity caused him to try to get rid of Shion. Faust starts crying and says tath he was the useless one and that he as just horrible shit. Ain's heart skips a beat. She sya to stay morbid and moppy forever and that he is cute.

Shion Vs. KyuutosuEdit

Back inside El Dorado, Kyuutosu activates her magic and tells them that they can't use magic for 5 minutes. She says that mages who can't use magic are useless and that when she beat themshe will be the master of the house. Kyuutosu punches Shion but it doesn't do anything. Shion tells her that it he doesn't care how strong she thinks she is but even a demon god will would weaken after sleeping for 50 years. Shion then punches her (But misses her) and blows away everything from the pressure of his fist. He tells her that he is not a mage who only uses magic to fight. Kyuutosu apologizes and runs away into Rosetta's breasts. Rosetta's asks if she is okay. Kyuutosu then thinks that Rosetta's breast are softer and springer then any bed she has slept in. She then says that she is leaving and if she could sleep on Rosetta's breast from now on, which she agrees. Shion tells joshua that the mouse is now their and to go beat that king and come back. Joshua tells him to not make decisions for him, but Shion closes his ears and says taht he can't hear him. Joshua then grabs Shion's hand and shakes it. He then grabs Kyuutosu and leaves. Rosetta tells Joshau that they had an invauble meeting like the fortune predicted. Joshua then says that they should leave or they might begn losing themselves and insult the losing contestants. ANise says tath he was himself till the end.

The Old Legend of FlavellEdit

Luu and Musashi then show up and try to take Shion and Emma to show them what they found in the hidden room. The king says that they found the hidden already. He tells Shion and Emma that their is something they have to do. He the tells everyone to follow him. Emme wonders what they are doing. The king takes them to a tree in the hidden room. The king tells them about a legend in Flavell, that a long time age, to save his cursed wife from an incurable disease, a magical couple preformed a difficult ritual in the land and they became gods of love. Shion and Emma the realize that its the same as them. He tells them that the tree is the result of the ritual and that its a tree of healing magic called the Tree of Fantasia. He also says that the best couple contest was created in order to honor the couples that could successfully combine their strength in the face of danger. He then says let the main event begin and that the winning couple will swear their undying love under the tree and that will be the form of their debut. Emma then asks what they have to do. he tells her that they have to show their love by a tight hug or a passionate kiss, shocking Shion. The crowd cheers them on. Shion says that there is not way that would happen and asks Emma if they did that. Some of they other contestants try to force Shion and hit them away. Emma then grabs Shion and kisses him, causing him to be shocked. Emma says that its the first memory and hugs him saying lets continue to make more memories and that she loves him. Shion then gets a nosebleed and faints. Emma says that the nosebleed won't stop and anise says to kiss him. Shion wakes up and says stop or he'll die.