Broom Magic


Black Mage Abilities
Magic Various
Users Shion Elpihas Levi
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Broom Magic (箒魔法 Hōki Mahō) is a type of magic that activates from a broom.


To obtain such a powerful magic, the user must defeat a thousand Agiri Monsters coming from Grandpa Garlan in his temple. If the user loses from Garlan, the user must repeat the it again by defeating the agiri monsters. They where seen to be extremely powerful to defeat and they are extremely under order of Garlan. Shion has many times loses to Garlan and his powerful insects.


The broom van hold 100 magical powers. Shion can manipulate his brooms in different variations, he can also input magic in his broom and evenly can create a powerful magic on it's own. But the broom hold a special stamina which it must be restored by repeating defeating the agiri monsters.

Techniques and AbilitiesEdit

  • Broom Magic - Puppet "Revision" (箒魔法 傀儡 「改式」 Hōki mahō Kairai "Aratame-shiki"): is the second version of the Broom Magic. It's and extended version of the Broom Magic which that it transforms into a sword. The Puppet Revision is also the holder of the most powerful broom magic Shion possesses named "Broom Star".


  • Lord Marouni Gate says that Shion is the only person of all mages that can perform Broom Magic.