Broom Star

Magico 10 10 MRI

Black Mage Abilities
Magic Broom Magic
Users Shion Elpihas Levi
Manga Debut Chapter 10

Magic Sword: Broom Star (魔法の剣・箒星, Mahō no Ken: Hōkiboshi) is the most powerful technique Shion has, one which he came up with the ritual and magic himself. The power of the Broom Star is coming from the powers of the star. The strength of the technique is ultimate powerful which he can reverse air techniques against their users. According to him, he designed this magic especially to defeat Zodia Sink.


  • This technique's name is a pun. Due to the sword's power based on the stars and the fact that the sword itself is a result of the transformation of Shion's broom, the technique's romanization is read the same way as the romanization for "comet". "Hōkiboshi" (帚星), with the kanji "帚" for "comet", and "Hōkiboshi" (箒星), with the kanji "箒" for broom, means "Broom Star"