(キャップ, Kyappu)

Character Data
Gender Male
Status Alive
Team Sephirot
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 34

Characer OutlineEdit

Caph is a member of Sephirot.


Caph is a calm person. He is cheerful and is cunning.


Caph is a short person with white hair that covers half his face. He wears a black hooded cloak and carries a staff.


Caph once meet Ain in the past.


mBest Couple Contest Tournament ArcEdit

Caph first appeared after the Echidna was revealed. After his companion pulled out his staff the king reconiced that the are from Sephirot. He then tells the king that the elders a big fans of the tournamentand wanted to know if it was cancelled. He is then glad that the tournament wasn't cancelled and gives the king a gift for the intrusion. After he left the king he meet with another companion. He then tells him that the elders what the Echidna to disappear. When his companion asks him why he tells him that its grownup affairs and that some sages don't understand that. Later during the final ritual he meets Ain and asks why she is their. When she asks why he's their he says its work. He then tells her that he has to watch over the Echidna and asks if she is after it to. He then tells her she drooling when she's talking about her job. When she talks about her client he asks if he is in the competition. Later during the last ritual, he get taken control of like everyone else by Oni. He then comments on the magic and is surprised that their is a powerful magic that Sephirot doesn't know about. When Ain walks away he asks her where she is going. After Shions defeats Fuast, He says that the battle will end in an instant. He also says that shion's Reverse broom magic is about to run out and he will most likely put everything he has into one blow.

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