Ceremony of Fate

Magico Volume 1

Volume Information
Japanese Release Date July 4, 2011
Volume Number 1
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Ceremony of Fate is the first volume of Naoki Iwamoto's Magico. It appeared on July 4, 2011 in the Japanese book market.



A girl named Emma a 16 year old traveler, finally arrived in the town of magic called "Hawk Eye", she then later where been forced by the king to marry her which she tries to reject him but it doesn't work. She has been rescued by a boy named Shion a powerful mage. Shion explains that she's an Echidna, which he tries to help her to get through the ritual of Magico. Later she accepts it and went through the first pass to get a ritual item from the bad billionaire Marouni Gate, they are then heading to the Andorra Outlands where they see a kid called Luu..

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