Chain Summon Magic (連撃召喚魔法) is an powerful and rare magic that activates an powerful magical technique when the user hits a certain number.

Magic OutlineEdit

The magic will activate on an certain number from the chain attack.


To activate the magic the user must past a tough ritual which that the user must punch a million time on a very hard object to activate the technique without taking a break. The technique has something to do with the hands and legs which you should punch an hard object a million times and to kick an hard object a million time. There are two of of the chain summon which are known that Luu and Garnett can use it.

Palm Exchange MagicEdit

Luu activates one of their combo's

Death Combo activated

Palm Exchange Magic (掌換魔法 Shōkanmahō) is a type of magic that transforms the users fist into a ogre beast like form with different effects. This magic is under the chain summon category. In order to obtain this magic ability, one has to continuingly hit a rock a million times.

Chain Leg SummonEdit

Chain leg

Garnett activating his Penalty Scythe.

Chain Leg Summon is a type of magic that turns one boots into different types of forms with different types of attacks. This magic is under the chain summon category. The ritual to obtain this magic is currently unknown, but it could possibly be similar to the ritual of the Palm Exchange Magic in which you have to contuiningly hit a rock a million times.


There are two versions currently known of the Chain Summon Magic. They are the Palm Exchange Magic and the Chain Leg Summon. Each of them shows off a certain number:

Number 4Edit

  • Penalty Scythe: Is the chain attack from the Chain Leg Summon. The boot transformed into a scythe which comes with a powerful kick.

Number 5Edit

  • Iomante: Is the 5th number of the Chain summon magic. When it hits five it changed into a very hairy fist that evenly can bring a dragon down.

Number 7Edit

  • Sylph: It is the seventh number of the Chain Summon Magic. It contains a big hairy fist that can knock out the enemy and can pass through the rocks. The technique comes from the Wind and the Sky.

Number 10Edit

  • Red Dragon: It is the tenth number of the Chain Summon Magic. When it hits ten it changed into a gauntlet with two trails of dragon scales, two whispers on the back of her hand and claws or fangs on each knuckle.

Number 100Edit

  • Cinderella Fever: Is the the most powerful attack of the Chain Summon Magic, it counters on 100 punches. The user transforms into an adult and obtains 100 extra bonus time to attack his enemies with powerful attacks.