Cinderella Fever

Grownup Luu

Red Mage Abilities
Magic Palm Exchange Magic
Users Luu
Manga Debut Chapter 19

Cinderella Fever is the most powerful technique coming from the Palm Exchange Magic. If you hit 100 punches you will grow into an adult, in Luu's way, she looks like a Japanese Magician schooler. It has been seen for the first time when Luu battled Balthazar, it is known that she used the technique earlier. It is a extremely strong destructive fist coming from the "Pluto, Lord of the Underworld" that is summoned through the Palm Exchange Magic. It can increase the flow of the entire body, pump them up by energizing and stimulating the growth and also the mind of the body. There is also a time bonus of extra 100 powerful hits, when the points hit 0 the Cinderella Fever Magic will be turned down and the user will turn back normal. The extra bonus hits come from Cinderella having until the stroke of midnight before the magic wears off.