Cinderella of 100 Hits

Magico 19

100-geki no Shinderera
Chapter Information
Release Date July 11th, 2011
Arc Echidna Battle Arc
Chapter 19
Volume Meteor Shower
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Cinderella of 100 Hits (100撃のシンデレラ Hyaku Geki no Shinderera) is the nineteenth chapter of the series Magico written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Grownup Luu

Adult Luu

Luu says that she will blow Balthazar away with her ultimate attack after she hits 100 points with he Chain Summon Magic. Balthazar is extremely surprising just like Anise which Emma is awakened from her unconsciousness. Luu transformed into a teenager which she makes everyone surprising.

Adult Luu pinches Shion

Luu pinches Shion

Emma is in shock after seeing Luu's body, Balthazar sees that his freezing spell has been broken and that the wounds he caused to her are all healed. Shion then ask Luu if she's really is her and ask her what her magic is. Luu then sits behind Shion and pinch his nose saying that she's more the big sister than the daughter, which she reveals that she is eighteen years old.

Luu destroys the technique

Luu's powerful punch

The name of the technique is "Cinderella Fever". Luu explains that she gets another 100 time bonus for accomplishing the 100 combo's. She then tells Shion, Emma and Anise to take a test because she is the strongest. Balthazar then creates a powerful ice thorn and says that Luu is a wall that must be destroyed to get to the Echidna. Balthazar then says that he will get serious too and fires his Devil's Ice Bullets "Ice Diamond". Luu then laughs fearfully which makes Balthazar shudder seeing that she has destroyed the ice technique of him.

Luu on a halt

Luu on a halt

The timer send back to 99 which Balthazar, Anise and Emma where been surprised seeing that Luu destroyed the attack with only one hit. Balthazar uses his "Ice Armor" magic to defend himself from Luu's attack, but where also been destroyed by Luu's power. Balthazar is then thinking that he will never loose from a girl like her and activates one of his powerful ice magic called "Frozen Time" to make a halt to Luu. Luu's fist where been counting to 0 which that Balthazar has realized something, after a punch from anise, he then says that, that's how a punch feels like and flies off to the ocean. The power of Luu has been decreased which she falls down in exhaustion because the technique took all of her stamina. Shion then grabs her giving her to Emma, which that the strongest of the three brothers "Gaspar", is making his movement, which Shion is prepared with his Broom Star.

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