Comet Summon


suisei ga , yobidashi masu
Chapter Information
Release Date February 9th, 2012
Arc Best Couple Contest
Chapter 46
Chapter Guide
Their Wills are Passed Down
Decisive Full Power
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Comet Summon(彗星が、呼び出します suisei ga , yobidashi masu) is the forty-sixth chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


After Shion tranforms, he begins a ritual. He has his broom bite him head. Anise tells Luu what he is sacrificing for the ritual, his happy memories. Luu becomes weird but Shion tells her that he will just make more. After completing the ritual, Shion loses his memory and gain alot more brooms. Then skeletons attack Shion, but he easily dodges it. Shion the decides to use the second broom "Enke". Shion then captures all then skeletons then disappears. Shion then hits Faust from behind. Shion then explains that he wound up travelling around the world, shocking everyone.

Faust then explains that he is one white piece and ant convert then back. Shion tells him that he is also a white piece. Shion then tries to convert them but it doesn't work. Faust then explains that he is not a white piece and reveals that a monster form. He also calls himself a complete magical being.

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