Complete Conclusion


kanzen na ketsuron
Chapter Information
Release Date February 29th, 2012
Arc Best Couple Contest Arc
Chapter 49
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Complete Conclusion (完全な結論kanzen na ketsuron) is the forty-ninth chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Shion and Joshua argue over who should attack first. Emma and Rosetta laugh over the arguement. Joshua then decides to attak first and insults Shion while attacking. Joshua fires a shot and summons a monster from the gun. Joshua then reveals the magics name and ability. Shion attacks the monster and taking down. The castle also crumbles from the shockwave of the attack. The king explains that it took one hundred master spellcasters ro create the barrier and suspension spell. Joshua then compliments Shion for his power.

Juubee hears a heartbeat becoming stronger and faster, and the broom is becoming stronger and stronger. Shion then eplains that the fourteenth broom, Volf, is contected to his heart. He also says that the more his heart beats the stronger the broom becomes. Anise then calls the broom a Shion-esque weapon. Emma the hugs Shion, causing the broom to become stronger. Shion and Joshua then fire one last attack with everything they got. When the smale clears, Joshua and Shion are both standing and then fall. Emma and Rosetta then shout their name, causing them both to stand back up. Joshua then says that he was short one word and that he doesn't like to insult his friends, and falls down. Rosetta then thinks that this is the first time that Joshua has ever approved of someone. Shion and Emma are then declared the wins. Emma then hugs Shion causing him to get a nosebleed.

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