Couple Impact !

Magico 24

kappuru eikyou
Chapter Information
Release Date August 29nd, 2011
Arc Best Couple Contest Arc
Chapter 24
Volume Meteor Shower
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Couples Impact!!! (カップル影響 kappuru eikyou) is the twenty-fourth chapter of the Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Both Shion and Emma stand before a couple when the woman suddenly kiss Emma, shocking Shion and Lightning. She than kisses Shion, which upsets Emma and snatches Shion away from her. The woman tries to comfort her saying that it was her way of saying hi, then calls Emma by Echidna, causing both of them anxious. But the man reassures that they are not interested in her powers, but rather was interested how she looked like and waited here. When Shion gets confused, the man explains that it came from his reading, and shows a crytal ball. After that, he stares at Emma and concludes that she is ugly, upsetting Emma and enraging Shion.

Man then says that all the women other than his wife, Rosetta, is below the level of piggies. As the two were about to leave, Rosetta suddenly kiss the man, and his appearence change, Shion recognises this as Princess Kiss, and the couple bid them farewell, saying that they'll see Shion and Emma later. When the couple left, both Emma and Shion were also affected by Rosetta's magic and changes their appearences.

Back at Luu and Anise's location, Anise asks if the two were on a date, but is shocked that Shion and Emma are exhausted. Anise becomes worried if Shion will be okay for tomorrows "Tournament".

Next day, in a colossium like building, a long running traditional ritual tournament, Best Couple Contest held in Flavell is taking palce. Where the winner of the tournament will receive the legendary magical house, El Dorado. Shion explains that for their next ritual, My House, requires that you need to obtain and live inside that house.

As the two promise to win the tournament, they over hear a familiar voice and is horrified to see Rosetta's couple also partaking in the tournament.