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Chapter Information
Release Date October 30th, 2011
Arc Best Couple Contest Arc
Chapter 33
Volume With All's One Heart
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Battle of the Brides
The Quickening
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Courage (勇気 yuuki) is the thirty-third chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


A young Layla is staring at something in a raging ocean. Her grandmother tells her to run. Layla asks her what is that. net we see a headless Echidna. The Echidna is sinking some land. Layla's grandmother calls it a dreadful ominous being and aks the god if it is the beginning of the end. Layla then sees a person in armor holding a womans head.

Back in the contest, Layla ask Emma if she is the Echidna. Emma says that she is. Shion and Anise both looked shocked and worried. The audiance laugh saying it cant be her.Faust says that mages might be like that but this is pretty much the way it is for regular folks. Layla's sister laugh and says that there is no way that kind of lie would make her cry. Layla looks scared and thinks that Emma has that same ominous power from back then.

Emma then tells her its not a lie and that she will ues the power. Layla then tries to leaves, but Emma jumps onto her. Layla tries to hit her off but to no prevail. Emma then climbs up and pulls her cheek which makes her cry. The announcer says that Emma got the tears but she only has 5 second untilit explodes. Emma rushes to Shion then an explosion happens. Everyone looks in aww to see what happened. Jute and Neru-neru didn't make it. The announcer then yells the Emma made it and they are moving on. Everyone chears,

Emma grabs Shion and asks if he is ok. Shion says that hes ok but she is hurt. Emma starts crying says that she is sorry for revealing her secret. She continues to says that she was worried that Shion would start to hate her but she is just glad that he is alive. Shion then thinks that at first he didn't care what Emma thought of him but as time past by he felt happy to be with them and gather the courage to protect them. Shion tells Emma that there is noway that he would hate her.

Everyone in the audiance the starts to think that she maybe the Echidna. An attendant that say the majesty if they should suspend the tournament or disqualify her. The majesty looks worried.