Dark 7 Series

Black Chest

Item Information
Kanji Name 暗い7シリーズ
Romaji Name kurai shiriizu
  • The Seven Black Chests
  • The Adventure's Cofin
Manga Debut Chapter 53

The Dark 7 Series was created by the great magicain Pirza. The chests hold his treasures.


Pirsa created the chests so that no one would get his possessions after his death.


  • Pot of the Food God: No matter what ingredients you put in, it will create an excellent dish.
  • Magical Sword "Sky Blade": A blade made of light and Sound with no form, this magical sword can even cut the sky.
  • Crown of the Faiy King: The wearer becomes king of all fairies, and can freely use fairy magic.
  • Garments of the Wise Man: A hat infused with a great amount of the wise man's knowledge the increases the wearer's intelligence, and a legendary robe that allows the wearer to use magic as powerful as the wise man.
  • Triple Phoenix: The tail of a phoenix and an item that is required for Magico.


Their are 7 chests, which each one has a different enviroment and ritual that must be completed in order to get the treasures.
  • Magical Park
  • Strange Rabbit Junior
  • Ghost Castle
  • Hell Jet Coaster

The Fifth Box: The Magical park

  • Strange Rabbit Junior: Also known as the murderous train. The user rides the train and has to defeat Strange Rabbit Junior.
  • Ghost Castle: The labyrinthine haunted house that Piyoko rules. To beat it you have to defeat the ghosts and reach the end.
  • Hell Jet Coaster: A coaster where everyone must survive a single lap.

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