Dark 7 Series Arc

Chapter 57

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Manga Chapters 52-60
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Best Couple Contest Arc
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Arc OutlineEdit

Dark 7 Series Arc is the fourth and final Arc of the Magico Series. This Arc is where Shion heads to meet a friend who planned to help them with different rituals of Magico, but falls for Emma and proposes to her. Shion then has to prove that he can only one that can make Emma happy by entering the Dark 7 Series after Raven.

Plot OutlineEdit

Riding El DoradoEdit

Emma is riding the front of El Dorado, as Shion is piloting it. Luu jump on Shion and ask to pilot it too, but causes it to fall. Luu then hits a button that causes a cannon to fire at the front of the house. Shion the rushes to Emma. She asks if he was worried about her but denise it. Later the talk about how they progress in Magico a month after the tournament. Emma then asks what ritual is next but Anise hands her a letter saying that they have a problem. Emma then reads the letter and Shion and Anise reveal that its from a friend of their Raven. They then head to Raven's house.

Ecnovious School of RitualsEdit

They then arrive at a school. Emma and Luu are amazed at the shool. Shion then begins to explain that the school offers you sets of careful selected rituals and that only top-notch mages can only graduate. Emma says that the school looks fun and that she has never been to one before. Anise then tells her that Raven is the youngest mage ever to assumethe position of headmaster. She also reveals that he is the last of the Three Sages of the West. Someone the walks up to them and apologizes for makingthem watch.

Meeting RavenEdit

Raven the introduces himself, while carrying some babies. He then tries to calm the babies down by playing peek-a-boo but makes it worse. He then explains that the babies belong to students that are in class. Then some more people ask him to help out, like grade some papers, changing a light bulb, organize the library, and take out the garbage. Raven then summons some drinks from them. Emma then introduces herself as Shion's wife. They then head to his office. He then show then the items magico's items and explains that their would be more if he hadn't of start collecting so late. Shion then gathers the items up and gives Raven a pile of dried demon squad since he has no interest in money. Raven then apologizes to Shion and that they might not ramain as friends and proposed to Emma, shocking everyone. He explains that at first he wanted to help but fell in love with Emma while investigating.

Attack of the CrowdEdit

A crowd then bursts into Raven's office and congratulates him for proposing. Shion then wonders what's with them. They then attack him telling him to get out. Someone then grabs Emma and pulls her over to them. They then begin to tell her what Raven has done for them. Raven then tells them to quit it because their embarrassing him. One of them then explains that they all love him and begins to remember that he was notgoing to confess to his love. He explain that he was happy just helping from the shadows. A guy named Schneider punches him and talks him into confessing to Emma. He then explain to them that at first he ranaway after seeing their bond but decided to not run away from his feels. He then asks her to marry himbut bites his tongue. Emma then thanks him. Anise then explains to Shion to confess his love for her but Shion shouts out that he wouldn't which Emma hears. Raven tries to cheer her up and success but it wakes the babies. Luu then grabs his leg and tells him to do it again. Anise thiks that this is bad. A person then arrives in the room and inform Raven the a item has arrives. Raven then heads out and Anise tells Shion that he should follow. When Shion denies going, Anise attack and explains that Raven will take Emma from him if he doesn't do anything. They then enter the room where Raven went to. Anise then notices that the boxes in the room are the Dark 7 Series. Shion then tells everyone that it is hard even for him. He also thinks that he is the only one that can make Emma happy.

Entering the BoxEdit

Emma starts knocking on one of the treasure boxes asking if Raven is in there. Shion thinks what Emma is doing is cute and starts hitting the ground. Luu tries to open the box by kicking it. Anise then tells Shion that this is his chance to prove that he is a better man than Raven but Shion tells her to drop it. Emma then ask how do you get in their but Shion says the he will be going alone and opens a portal. Anise says that its for the best and that they don't know how dangerous it is. Luu says no and that she is going to. She continues to says that she was holding back all this time and that he only treats her like a kid. Shion tells her that brats like her never thing about the dangers, which causes Luu to kick her. Luu tells him that she hate him, which causes them to get into an argument over who is the biggest dummy. Emma then stops them and tell Shion that he never considers Luu's feelings. Luu then pushes them into the portal saying that she is going.

Train RideEdit

They all land inside of a train car. Emma apologizes to Shion for landing on him, which he says its okay. Shion tells Luu that she is reckless but Luu says boo-hoo to him. Emma the apologizes to Shion for being so much trouble. Shion then tells them that they are going to it over quickly and to don't leave. Luu pulls Emma over to the window and points out to something. They see an amusement park which Anise tells them that its the magical park. Anise continues to tell them that it may look fun but their are plenty of attractions that are designs to kill intruders. She also says that their are also treasure hidden within the park. Luu can't what any longer and jumps out the window, which shock Shion and Emma. Raven then catches her as she falls. Raven then tells her that she can't do that and hands her a snack to calm her down. Emma thanks him and says that she like him more then Shion. Raven then says that its dangerous here. Emma then asks if it really is that dangerous, which Raven begins to explain the Dark 7 Series to them. Emma then worries about Raven for doing something dangerous for them. Raven then hugs her says to not leave his side and that he would protect her. This shocks both Emma and Shion. Shion then wonders why Emma is blushing. Someone then announces that they would be arriving at the park soon and that instead of tickets, he would be taking their lives. Raven then tells Emma to stay back and prepares to teach him a lesson.

Raven VS. Strange Rabbit JuniorEdit

He then tells Raven to not kid with him and that he has a job to do. He continues to say that his job is to make sure that thieves who come to steal the treasure never wake up. Raven tells him that he will be learning about defeat in his lesson, which Emma notice something different about his face. Raven then activates his magic and starts to glow. Anise the tells them that his magic proves his status as one of the Three Sages of the West. Raven then changes, which Emma and Luu look amazed. Shion notes the time and says thats its math time. Emma then notices that Shion is trembling. The rabbit the attack and says that he is immortal, along with the fact the he is the park mascot and his name is Strange Rabbit Junior. Raven then dodges and fuses Strange Rabbit Junior's ear to the floor. Strange Rabbit Junior then removes his head and tries to counter, but gets hit by 100 punches. His magic is then explained and Shion says that his math lessons are hell. Raven then blow the wall off the train, and tells Strange Rabbit Junior he is next, which causes Strange Rabbit Junior to apologizes. Strange Rabbit Junior then rips his ears off and attacks with regrown ones. Strange Rabbit Junior then grabs Raven's head. Luu then tries to help but is stopped by Shion. Strange Rabbit Junior then tells Raven that he is going to make Raven show his the fear and despair in his fae like he did with the others that he killed. Strange Rabbit Junior then looks into his face and becomes frightened. Shion then explains why Raven is strong. Raven the plans to divide Strange Rabbit Junior into 10,000 pieces and does it as Strange Rabbit Junior tries to stop him. Afterwards Raven asks if Emma is okay. Emma then treats his wounds and tells him that he is a kind person. Five mysterious people are watching them and comment on how they beat Strange Rabbit Junior. One then explain if they are looking for the same item as the others, showing Ain. He also explains that they will show them how fun their attractions are.

Ritual & LoveEdit

After riding the train, Luu tries to get Raven to snap again. A rabbit with a large hammer comes out of a wall and hits Raven. Shion catches the rabbit and Emma asks if Raven is okay. Raven says that he is okay and starts to cheer for getting the stamp for learing the attraction and being praised by Emma. Shion and Emma then ask what he is talking about. Raven then explains that in order to get the treasure that they need to complete a ritual and in order to complete the ritual they need all the stamps. He then shows them what they can get with how may stamps. Anise then wonder about the park and the ritual. Raven then tells that they are after the Triple Phoenix, an item for Magico. Raven then explain that its for a ritual the two people wrap it around themselves and hug for two days. This cause Emma to blush and think about they have to do during those days and Shion gets a nose-bleed. Raven then tells Shion that he will make Emma fall fo him before they leave and that they are no long friends but rivals. Shion then covers Emma's ears and tells him that Emma is his wife and that he will not give her to anyone. Anise then cheers for Shion and one of her bells rusts. Emma then asks Anise what they said but she wouldn't tell her.

Ghost CastleEdit

Luu then points out wanting to go to the Ghost Castle. Emma then becomes scared but Raven tells her that it is harmless. She then she's the monsters and says that its not. One of the individuals then complements Piyoko for her ghosts. She tells them that their the strongest and begins to explain each one. She then has them attack Shion and the others. Raven easily destroys one of them with 18th period science. Luu get excited and destroys another one with her 10 combo, red dragon. After Emma compliments both Raven and Luu, Shion then destroys the rest and they earn the stamp. Piyoko the starts to cry cause her monster were defeated. The rest notice that they are different from the others. Shion and Raven stare at each other thinking that the comtest isn't over, but Emma just thinks that they are good friends.


Anise tells them that the nextr attraction is the Jet Hell Coaster. She also tells them to be careful but is surprised to see them taking a break. Raven makes Emma a hot pot while Shion gives her his special drinks. Emma then drinks Shion's drink and makes a reaction, causing Raven and Shion to think that she is sick and try to help her. Anise tells them to keep it up. She then notices that another of her bells turned black. Anise then wlks away but Shion asks her where she is going. She then gives him an excuse and tells him to do his best and leaves. Anise then begins to worry about that "that" is starting to wake up and transforms is to a women. She then says that even if she can't go back, she will protect everyone because she their onee-chan. Emma then wonders what about Anise because she has been acting weird. Shion tells her to not to worry and that she will be back.

Hell Jet CoasterEdit

Luu points out that their at the coasters. The ride then tells them that its about to start. They then get into the ride with Shion in the front, Emma and Luu in the middle and Raven in the rear. Emma and Luu then ask what is a roller coaster. Shion is about to tell them but it takes off fast. Emma and Luu then scream, which Shion tells them that its this kind of ride. They come across a waterfall, Shion users his broom in the shape of an umbrella to help them get under it. They then come across some rail that are on fire. Raven the freezes the rails. They then enter a house on the rails but it turn out to be nothing. They then comment that the ride is easy and they should finish quickly. The cars then drop off seperating them. Emma and Luu then run into two mascots (one dresses in a cat costume and the other with a dogs costume). Raven encounters a women dressed with very little clothes. Raven tells her to put some clothes on but she shows him her boobs. Shion encounters a the last one which he attacks Shion. he also tells Shion that the other mascots are facing his other friends.

Vs. MascotsEdit

Emma is trapped inside of a ferris wheel by Mr. Cat. He then switchs her outfit with a nurses uniform. He then continues to change her outfit and calls it heaven. He then plans to put Emma into a revealing outfit and make her dance. Emma then apologizes to him, for thinking that he is a bad guy and thanks him for letting her wear cute outfits. Luu is fighting grandpa back on the rails. He then increases his strength and attak Luu with 50 hits in an instant. He then notices that she blocked them all. Luu then prepares to fight serious. Raven is still can't fight him opponent because she is waering revealing clothes. Rabbit then prepares a sphere and then draws Shion in. He then punches Shion but he blocks it. Rabbit the tries to make Shion laugh but Shion makes fun of him which cause Rabbit to get angry. Shion then attack him with broom star but Rabbit send it back with greater force. Shion then gets send flying away.

Surprise MeetingEdit

After Shion gets send flying, he meets Ain. Shion asks who she is, which she tells him that she is Faust's wife. Shion then leaves but Ain stops him. Ain tells Shion that if he goes then Rabbit will kill him. She continues to says that they are the great magicians Pirza's golems and that they can use sorcerer-level magic. Shion then tells her that he will do anything in order to complete Magico. Ain then give Shion the Ring of Orihalcon and then his that he can now summon his brooms woithout losing his memories. Ain then says that its a present from Faust. In Luu's fight, she activates her 100 combo, while Shion flies back to Rabbit.

Vs. Mascots 2Edit

Shion flies back and destroys a volcano in the process. Rabbit then tells him that he has been watching them all along and that even if he can make that girl smile, it would look like crap. Rabbit then draws Shion in. Shion then summons the 27th broom and catches Rabbit in a strong adhesive. Shion then punches rabbit and tells him to bow down and beg for forgivess for calling Emma's smile crap. Rabbit then says it again and tells Shion how great Pirza is for creating them and giving them their mission. Shion then summons the 20th broom westphal and attack rabbit. Rabbit then them his that this park was created so Pirza would see people getting killed trying to get the treasures. Rabbit then attacks Shion and tells him that their greatest joy is to see Pirza's smile. Shion tells his that their creepy smiles can't conpare to Emma's. In Luu's battle, she easily blocks all his punches and even punches his off the coaster. Mr. Cat sees her and goes to play with her. Emma's breaks out of the ferris wheel and goes to Luu. Shion tells Rabbit what Emma's smile means. Shion then summon the first broom and Rabbit thinks that his magic is greater then Pirza's. Luu then catches Emma, and Emma tells her that she will protect Luu. Grandpa then jumps back up and tells her that she is no goddess can make them disappear. Luu then activates an magic attack and attacks Grandpa and Mr. Cat defeating them. Shion attacks Rabbit and creates a rip in the fabric of space. Raven and Bunny both see this and are shocked. Raven then sees Emma and gets serious. Emma then sees Shion adn smiles. Raven then realizes he fell in live with her smile and that she was always smiling at Shion. Luu then transforms back into a kid. Bunny then sees Rabbit, Grandpa, and Mr. Cat defeated and tries to kill look. Shion then block her and calls Luu his daughter. He then defeats Bunny and Luu hugs him, but chokes him.


They then complete the coaster. They then recieve all the stamps for defeating the mascots. They then get the Triple Phoenix. It gives off a warm aura and it heals Shion's wounds. Shion then thinks that he has to hugs Emma for two days. Shion then wonders what has happened to the rest of the prizes. Ain then appears and says that she took the rest. She tells them to not to worry about Faust and that she will make more memories but it will cost alot. She then tells them to leave soon. Shion says taht he will wait for Anise.


Later Raven is on a balcony looking at the moon. A group is watching talking about how he was dumped. Raven remembers when Emma told him that she loves Shion. The group then tries to cheer him up. one of them tries to get him to date her. Elsewhere Shion exits the box and tells Emma's that Anise is not their. A group of cat then appear and tells them that Anise is not here and that they have a message from her.

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