Decisive Full Power


ketteiteki na furupawa
Chapter Information
Release Date February 15th, 2012
Arc Best Couple Contest
Chapter 47
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Comet Summon
The Best Battle
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Decisive Full Power (決定的なフルパワー ketteiteki na furupawa) is the forty-seveth chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Everyone in the audience the effects of Faust's magic. Anise thinks of how incredible magical power. Faust tells Shion that tha magical being is a failed work that the ultamite magic brings about. Shion tells him that he has gotten pretty cool-looking in the tie he hasn't seen him. Faust then gets mad and attacks him.

Faust then reverses gravity, lifting the stage into the air. Fuast then tells him how the magic works. He then creates two large boulders. Faust then tells Shion that since he is no longer human, he can't get what he always wanted. He also tells Shion that he can't forgive him because he has what he wants. Faust then explodes on of the boulders. Shion and Faust then start having a siblings quarrel. Faust then gets madder and creates a giant ball of magic. Faust then explains that it will kill him. Shion then points Enke at Faust. Shion and Faust then launch then attacks. Shion's attack destroys Fuast's attack and hits him and reverts back to being human.

Anise realizes that if he doesn't have magic then he won't be a magical being but a human. Shion then grabs Fuast and uses him to revert everyone bady to human.

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