Deeper Than Darkness

Chapter 62

yami yorimo fukai
Chapter Information
Release Date June 6th, 2012
Arc Echidna Creator Arc
Chapter 62
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Deeper Than Darkness (闇よりも深いyami yorimo fukai) is the sixty-second chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


The black cats transform and tell Shion that they are going to stop them. Raven and a group burst into the room and he tells Shion that they will take care of them. Raven then tells him that Sephirot has issued an order to convene on the moon. Shion then prepares to fly to the moon, but Emma tell him that their going too. Shion agrees and Raven gives them The Holy Dust of the Spirit Butterfly, so they can breathe in space. Shion, Emma and Luu then fly to the moon. Raven then thinks that Shion has changed.

On the Moon, Anise is being hurt. The Echidna says that she has always been her betrayal. She continues to says that since she was became one with the moon she was always watching and has even seen the Best Couple Contest, and wishs she was apart of it. Typhoeus says that it is absurd that someone can compete with them and calls them the complete and absolute married couple. The Echidna says its true and laugh creating a negative energy. Typhoeus then wonders how Anise was betray them. Anise then says what is wrong wanting to be part of a family.

Zodia then frees Anise and tells her that their is nothing wrong with that and that everyone has the same right to dream. Typhoeus then reveals his to be The Wings of God and wonder how he could clear the fallen angel seal. Zodia then tells him that Typhoeus is nothing and that he is the king that will rule the world. He continues to says that he is stronger then his previous self and the he (and Garnett) with surpass the Echidna. Sephirot the announces that they are their too. One of them then announces that Oz's dream of the Echidna's head and body becoming one will not happen. Oz then tells him that for the past 16 years he has preform a ritual to become stronger. Shion, Emma, and Luu then arrive on the moon and see that everyone has been defeated. Oz's then greet Emma, by says that the body has returned home.

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