Demon's Words of a Thousand Curses


Black Mage Abilities
Magic Summoning
Manga Debut Chapter 36

Demon's words of a Thousand Curses is a type of magic activates by using word chains.


To obtain this magic is currently unknown.


To user can summon anything by as long as it's connected by a word chain.


  1. The word chain has to be done by two or more people.
  2. Only single phases are allowed.
  3. The summoning will dissipate if we don't continue with the next word within five minutes.
  4. If the user end the chain with "N", it will inflict great damage upon the user.
  5. If the user goes on with the word chain and use "oni" (demon) as the 1000th link, they can summon a "demonic god" that can destroy everything.

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