Devil's Ice Magic


Black Mage Abilities
Title Devil's Ice Magic
Users Balthazar
Manga Debut Chapter 18

Devil's Ice Magic (悪魔の氷の魔法 Akuma no Kōri no Mahō) is a Black Magic Ability, that is used by the second of the Magi Brothers, Balthazar. Balthazar can create and manipulate ice. However, not in a normal fashion, where one creates ice to simply attack. Instead, he can "freeze" the functions of any living organ of his target, an ability he refers to as "Freezing Curse". During his battle with Luu, Balthazar was shown capable of freezing her sight, her hearing, her smell, and later, her sense of pain.

He can summon these techniques:

  • Freezing Curse: Balthazar hits his target and seals one of their senses.
  • Devil's Blade of Ice Flower: Balthazar creates a giant sword made of ice.
  • Ice Armor: He creates a powerful barrier around his body made of ice to protect his body from many things, in a battle with Luu the shield has been destroyed.
  • Ice Diamonds: He creates big torn of ice in shape of a sharp bullet, which he fires it off to his enemies.
  • Frozen Time: He activates this technique to completely freeze his opponent.


It is unknown what ritual the user must go through to be able to obtain this magic.