Dress Up Girl!

Magico 23

onnanoko no ueno fukusou
Chapter Information
Release Date August 22nd, 2011
Arc Echidna Battle Arc
Chapter 23
Volume Meteor Shower
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Dress Up Girl! (女の子の上の服装 onnanoko no ueno fukusou) is the twenty-third chapter of the Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


In an unname location, Shion watches the news through the Video Pigeon about Gaspar who has turned himself in after losing to Shion.

As Shion sits quietly in his bed, he overhears a conversation between the captine and the guard of the sacred garments. Where the guard is worried about handing over such item to the likes of Shion, but gets smacked by the captine instead. Captine reminds him that if it wasn't for Shion, none of them would be alive, therefore he wishes to repay the debt. Shion becomes embarassed and hides in the bed, when an old woman enters the room along with Emma who was dressed in the sacred garments. Everyone becomes dazzled by her appearence, old woman than sets up Shion next to Emma where both becomes nervous. As Emma recalls what Shion had said previously, her heart begins to throb and her dress changes its form attacking everything nearby.

Before Shion could help, Emma blasts off into the sky. The guard captine explains that when the three garments are complete, it would amplify the power. Shion jhumps out from the windows where Anise asks if they should go after using Sieg, but Shion tells her that they won't be able to catch up to her and instead will call him.

Mean while, a biker gang, Sebar is cruising through the skies where he was assualted by Emma whos now in tears. Not far behind, Shion catches up to her using Lightning. When Shion tell Emma to call out, "Closet" to stop it from going berserk, she does it so and her dress is compressed to a bangle and lands safely to Shion's clutches. But as Lightning looses control as he sped too much, he crash lands on a nearby house. Where a young woman had appearently been waiting for them. As Emma tries to apoloise for the damaged wall, young man suddenly grabs her arms and kiss her. Who then suggest to do the same to Shion and Emma.