Each Respective Bond

Magico 20

100-geki no Shinderera
Chapter Information
Release Date July 11th, 2011
Arc Echidna Battle Arc
Chapter 20
Volume Meteor Shower
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Each Respective Bond (それぞれの絆 Sorezore no Kizuna) is the twentieth chapter of the series Magico written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Gaspar takes Melchior Magic

Gaspar takes Melchior's Magic

With Balthazar defeated by Luu, Shion is about to face Gaspar. Gaspar is saying that he will kill the Echidna and claim it as his own, which he starts walking to Melchior and took his power. He then look to the ocean seeing that Balthazar went to far and starts to use a magic named Magic Key of Magical Realm to find the user with the same keys. Balthazar is found almost unconscious which Gaspar is doing the same thing as by Melchior.
Gaspar activates Death Roll

Powerful Magic activated

Gaspar activated a unknown magic power, which Emma is wondering about what it is. Shion then explains that it is "Deathroll, The Soul Drinker", which he has killed his own two brothers to activate it. Shion then yells at Gaspar saying that he is pissing him off big time. He then says that Balthazar and Mechior are his brothers and kills them. He then says that having the two bodies that can't fight, he's stronger than three of them together. He then says that it's only natural for them to become his nourishment.
The power from Gaspar's magic

The power from Gaspar's magic

Gaspar then says that they have been planning this before to make Shion weaker and that it was their decision to be his nourishment to complete their wish. Shion then backfired about what Gaspar is saying. Gaspar then says that to cheer himself up to fulfill him with ultimate bliss. After that Shion heard the reasons, he shouts at them saying that they are idiots. Gaspar is then pissed at Shion seeing that all of Gaspar's knife wounds are glowing. Swords are coming from his body after using his "Howl of Pain, Death Screa of the Red Knight" magic.
Shion with a unknown women

Shion with an unknown women

Everyone has been in a shock after seeing the swords are coming from Gaspar's body. Gaspar is then start to attack Shion saying that he would never understand the resolves of him and his brothers or the bond that they share. Shion then says that he isn't the only one with bonds and that he wouldn't understand how precious the bond is for him. Shion then starts to attack him with his Broom Star as fast as he can, and succeed creating a wound to Gaspar. Gaspar then creates a new sword from his new wound with attacked Shion, leaving Shion in full amazement.
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