It's a paradise of greed and lust, that's how it got the name "Eden"


Location Eaglyas
Manga Debut Chapter 3

Eden is a castle on the island owned by the billionaire mage, Lord Marouni Gate.


Eden gate

Gates of Eden

Lord Marouni Gate made this castle with the money he earned selling licensing rights for telecommunication rituals. It is a place where the wealthy can get all the entertainment they could possibly have. It contains Casino, World-Class Restaurants, Shopping Malls and many more. Its gate is guarded by two guards who would not let anyone pass unless they present an invitation from the owner or burn one billion rel because only its smoke will unlock the magic seal on the gate.


Eden destroyed

Shion destroys Eden

Shion, Emma and Anise arrives at Eden looking for the Rubeus Manastone. After burning 1 billion rel to enter, the group sees the owner, Lord Marouni Gate, and a guard torturing some kids for entertainment. Shion stops the two and defeats Marouni, destroying Eden in the process.


  • Eden is a place where the tree of good and evil was in the time that Adam and Eve where been created.