El Dorado


Item Information
Type House
Manga Debut Chapter 24

El Dorado is the grand prize of the Best Couple Contest. It is also a requirement for the Magico ritual. The current owner of the house is Shion and Emma.


El Dorado was created to house the Tree of Fantasia in it and as its power source.


El Dorado has different rooms what have a different design to each room
  • Cockpit
  • El Dorado in Flight
  • Bathroom
  • Hidden Room
  • Cockpit: This room is user to flying El Dorado with it is in flight.
  • Bathroom: The bathroom has a toilet floating over a sea with birds flying around.
  • Hidden Room: The Hidden room is where the Tree of Fantasia is and its enterance is located under the staircase.
  • Attic: The attic was where the demon Kyuutosu live before leaving with Joshua and Rosetta

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