In the mountain village at the foot of the Devil's Woodland, Euroza


Location Andorra Outlands
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Euroza is a mountain village located at the foot of the Devil's Woodland in Andorra Outlands.


It's a mountain village situated at the foot of the Andorra Outlands. Most villagers are surprised to see visitors since not that many people venture to their village.


Zodia and Garnett visits the town to eat. Even though most of the villagers are surprised about their appearance, since it's been years since an outsider visited the village, the two ignore townsfolk gossiping about them and continues to eat. The two are talking about the Echidna and Shion. Zodia concludes that Shion is performing Magico, saying that they are there to perform the next ritual since they already have the Rubeus Manastone. Zodia is worried that others might have recognized the Echidna and there will be some competition. However, Garnett smiles saying that he is not worried since he is with Zodia, the immovable number one, one of the three sages of the west and the Emperor of the Crimson Sky making Zodia smile.