Everyone's Ritual

Chapter 65

minnano gishiki
Chapter Information
Release Date June 27th, 2012
Arc Echidna Creator Arc
Chapter 65
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Magic Marriage Ceremony
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Everyone's Ritual (みんなの儀式minnano gishiki) is the sixty-fifth and final chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Sieg is looking up at the moon. Raven and his students have finish defeating the Black Cat Knights. Raven tells his student that he is heading to moon. Raven then tells Sieg that it will be alright.

On the moon, Oz links with the Echidna and becomes more powerful. He then fires a blast at everyone. Oz then tells everyone that in order to birth the heart from the body the container must die and that he is annihilate it completely. He also expresses that he will not faulter the path he is on even if all creation criticizes them. Oz then fires another blast.

Shion then stands back off. The echidna ask him why he would stand back up when their is a difference in power. Shion tells her that when your a magician you don't give up, shocking the echidna. Emma also says that when your the wife of a magician you don't give up either. Shion then tells them that is why they won't give up and flies towards Oz.

On the planet, Rosetta and Joshua see Shion's power and thinks that its a shooting star. Rosetta wish to be with Joshua tomorrow too. Joshua says that wishing upon a star in not back every once in a while. People around the world see this and wish on it. The wishes then bond with Shion and Emma giving them more power which shocks Oz. Oz and Shion then slash.

SHion then breaks through Oz and the echidna, destroying them both. Oz say the he has lost but he won't regret it and the he is proud of himself. Shion tells him that its goodbye and that they will be continueing on ahead. The echidna tells Oz lets always be together forever. Oz agrees and are both destroyed.

A year later, Emma is sending out wedding invitations. Shion says that they are at the final ritual. Shion also says that once they carry out the ritual, Magico will be complete and the journey will be over. Emma grabs his hand and tells him that its not over but just the beginning. Emma also says that instead of being a partner in Magico, to make her his true wife. Shion then blushes and tells her to not say stupid things and that he will do that. Juubee, Ayame, Musashi, Luu, and Anise then fall throw the door having been listening the whole time. Shion then starts to get into a fight with them. Emma then want to join in to and starts to foght too.

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