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Manga Chapters 1-13
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Echidna Battle Arc

Arc OutlineEdit

Family Arc is the first arc of the Magico series. This arc is where Shion and Emma begin their Marriage and journey to seal the Echidna. Later in the arc they meet Luu, an orphan. They also meet Zodia, another member of the Sages of the west and a person who hates Shion.

Plot OverviewEdit

Wedding DayEdit

In the city of Hawk Eye, everyone is talking about the king marrying a girl that he fell in love with at first sight. As the girl walks down the alley, she wonders how this happened. She then starts to think back. She is then introduced as Emma. Emma remember that she came to the city to start a new life. When someone ask her out for tea, she was shocked to he was talking to her. Just then more men ask her out. Then the king passes by a falls for her. back in the present, the king tries to kiss her.


Elsewhere some one is spying on Emma. A black cat says that she is the girl he has been looking for the past 10 years. She then calls his Shion. Back at the wedding Emma tries to reason with the King. The king tells her that is doesn't matter and that for some reaso he is attracted to her. suddenly a dragon bursts from the wall. Emma thinks that its going to eat her. The dragon opens its mouth and reveals Shion to be in there. Shion then grabs Emma, then enters the dragon mouth and its flies away. The king then comes to his senses and asks why he proposed to her. A woman tells the king that he was charmed by the power of the Echidna. She continues to says that the echidna is the a crystalliezed magic of the world and that if he can rip open her heart he will obtain that absolute power to destroy the world.

In the DragonEdit

Emma then wonders why this is happening to her. She then sees a house inside the dragon. Emma is amazed by this but Shion tells her that it is nothing. Shion then opening a bottle that changes Emma's clothes. Emma then thanks them for helping her and asks their names. Shion doesn't answer. He then drinks from a weird looking soup. He then offers Emma some but she declines. Shion then summons normal food for her. Shion then introduces himself and says that he is a mage. The cat tells Emma that he is one of the Three Sages of the West. Emma doesn't listen and explains that she doesn't have any money and has been drinks only water for three days. Emma then asks hy the town was acting strange. Shion then tells her that she os the echidna. The cat then explain what happened to then and the she should have a heart shaped birthmark on her chest as proof. Emma then udresses, revealing the birth mark and causes Shion to get a nosebleed. She then tells them taht when she was young she was locked up in a house surround by briar and a man in armor was their. She also reveals that a few days ago the brair burned down and that man was gone. She then asks what she should do. Shion tells her to run or hide. Back at Hawk Eye the king tells his men to bring her back.

The Ritual MagicoEdit

Shion then tells Emma that thier mght be a ritual that can return her to normal. The cat tells her that people all over the world would want the echidna and that the ritual involves several different rituals to complete. Emma then accepts and says that she would like to change her destiny. Shion then asks Emma to marry him, shocking her. Shion then tells her that the ritual is Magico and that it involves preforming multiple wedding rituals. Emma then asks why Shion would help he and he tells her that she help him by giving him bread. Emma then faint from the shock.

Remembering the PastEdit

Shion the starts to remember when Shion and Emma first meet. A young Shion is walking is the forest. He then says that he is not needed anymore and falls down from hunger. A young Emma then asks if he wants some bread. As she hands him the bread the brair begin to cut her. Shion then tries to get her to stop but Emma still hand the bread to him. The cat says that he worked so hard for his first love al these years. Shion yells saying that she is not his first love.

The Echidna AwakensEdit

The echidna suddenly awakens. The cat says that her mind and body have become unstable causing the power to go out of control. Shion then tells Emma to put on the wedding ring and that it will suppress the echidna. Shion then uses his broom to counter the Echidna. Shion thinks that the Echidna is stronger then his broom magic. Shion is then attack by the Echidna. Emma says that she is not worth it and should leave. Shion then tells her that he decided to make Emma the happiest girl in the world. Shion was then able to seal the Echidna. The cat then says taht Shion hasn't proposed to her yet and says to say i love you. Shion calls her Anise and to shut up. Emma the tells Shion that she won't give up and that she is looking forward to their future.

The path of MagicoEdit

After healing Shion's injuries, he takes Emma to see the path of Magico. He tells Emma that they are at the begin and have a long way to go. Shion also says that ritual can be divided into two type, Gathering and Initiation. Shion then tells her the next ritual is the decoration. It is a rare stone that will increase the power of the seal. Anise the talks about her marring Shion, which she replies that she is okay with marring Shion but worries about be a burden to them. Shon tells her that she is not a burden. Anise then tells them that they can complete another ritual right now and says that its the Kiss of Oath. Emma understands and tries to kiss Shion. Shion refuses and says taht they can do that later.

Daily LifeEdit

Shion then takes Emma to a room with a house inside on a beach. Emma is excited about the room. Shion then shows her that he got her new clothes. Emma cries says that she is glad and tries to thanks Shion. Outside Shion runs away while covering his face, which Anise asks if he is a teenage girl. Eight hours later, Shion wakes up to find Emma sleeping in him bed. He then asks why she is in his bed. Emma says that she read in a book that a husband and wife should sleep in the same bed. Emma then decides to make Shion something to eat. Shion finds it good, but Emma throws up after one spoon full. Shion then decides to make Emma a meal using fire magic, which Emma finds delicious. Emma then dicides to clean the after failing to cook. After 10 minutes she end up upside down in a pile of books. Shion then picks Emma up and cleans up the place using his broom magic. Emma is then amazed that says that Shion is smart for knowing many different spells, but is shocked when she learns he doesn't know his time tables. Anise then tells her that all you need is strength and explain the rituals for broom magic and Fire magic. Emma then says that she won't give up. Shion asks her why she isn't suspicious. Emma tells him that she would be dead and that he is a good person. She continues to says that she wants to be his wife and kisses him. Anise the says that the kiss of oath is complete which auses Shion to faint. They then arrive at their destination.

The Decoration RitualEdit

They arrive at a castle on an island. Emma wonders who lives their. Anise tells her that the person who lives their has a piece of the stone they need. Emma says taht she will ask for if, which Shion says that is that doesn't work they will go with plan b. When they land, Anise tells Emma that the master is Lord Marouni Gate, and that worlds richest man and mage. When they arrive at the front gate, the guard ask for their invitation. When they don't have an invitation, the guard yells at them to go home or die. Anise remembers the word eden and says the Marouni build this so that only the wealthy can get in. Emma asks if their is anyother way to get in. The guard says to burn one billion rel. Emma then becomes shocked by this. Shion then pulls out one billion rel and burns it. The guards apologizes, and says that his servent looks backwatered. Shion grabs the guard and tells him that she is his wife, which he apologizes.

Inside EdenEdit

The doors open and they walk in. Inside Shion and Emma get excited to after seeing the inside. After that Emma becomes worried about the Echidna. Shion tells her that the power is suppressed, but the power can break out at any minute so they have to reinforce it. Shion also says to not talk at the echidna in front of others. Emma hears a commossion and goes to see what is going on. She sees a person being hurt. Shion then notices Lord Marouni Gate. He says that he hate the bad guys in fairy tales, but steps on the girls head and says when its him, its surprisingly entertaining. Emma gets seriuos but Anise stops her saying she needs to asks for the stone. Shion says it looks fun and joins in. Shion then hits Lord Marouni Gate and says that it is fun. Shion then takes the stone. Marouni smiles saying that he has gotten some information and Shion by name. Emma then ask how he knew. Marouni then calls him one of the three sages of the west and the great criminal of the ages. Marouni says that since he build the worlds information network, there is nothing he doesn't know. He then starts describing what Shion has done to earn him 8921 years sentence. The audience get scared and runs away. Shion says that he is bad and that he will take everything away from them. Marouni says that he doesn't mind throw away billions but he doesn't like giving it to someone and activates his security system. Marouni says that he all about Shion's broom magic. Emma then says that he must have done all he did for someone else. Anise they tells Emma he was saving people. Emma then tells Shion that she is with him and that she will grab them too, causing Shion to smile. The secruity system then attacks Emma but she is saved by Shion. Marouni then says to go after the girl causing Shion to get mad. Shion then destroys the castle. Marouni then tells Shion that he will sink his name further into the ground. Emma tells Marouni to shut up and that is doesn't matter what others thinks because she likes Shion.

After Events and Ritual CompleteEdit

A day after the destruction of Eden, the children are returned to there mother. After the child are returned, Shion and Anise tell Emma to not to follow strangers or she might end up at those children. Emma then says that she is glad that no one else was hurt but it is not right that the bearded man who kidnapped them got away just fine. They then hear a new report saying that Shion destroyed Eden along with robbing Marouni of all his possessions, and killed 300 people. Emma is shocked by this and then get mad. Anise tells her that Shion isn't the one they need to worry about. Anise continue to says that since she is on TV a powerful mage will see her and come after her. Shion points at the TV and says not to worry. Shion says that he put a spell on the ribbon so that nothing will project Emma on it. Shion continues to says that they still must be vigilant because their are still powerful people out their. He also says that he will protect her. Emma then falls in pain. Shion notices that the Echidna is growing stronger. They then start the next ritual. While the ritaul is finishing, Emma sees the Echidna inside of her. Emma then sees her ring and becomes happy. She then asks what the next ritual is. Shion says that it is Purge and that they have to bath in the Holy Spring of Luna. Anise then tells Emma that the spring can cure any disease but if you are touched while in the spring, extreme pain will run through your body. Elsewhere a little girl is dragging a giant fish behind her. She is glad that she has caught large one in a while and wonders what to do with it. After hearing a chomping noise she wonders what it is. She sees a bear eating her fish and yells at it. The bear attacks but she dodges it and attacks back. She beat it and eats it. She then spot Shion's Dragon and is introduced as Luu.

The Next RitualEdit

Shion, Emma, and Anise are flying over the Devil's Woodlands. Shion activates the Star-Eye map, which starts acting crazy. Emma is amazed by the map. Anise says that the Holy spring of Luna is making the map go crazy and begins the spring. They decide to look for the spring since they can't use the map. Down below Luu jumps up and bites the dragon. Anise then calls the dragon Sieg. Luu them hits Sieg 5 times and activates her magic. She then hits him again. Shion then uses his broom to soften Sieg's landing. Luu is amazed by the broom and says that it looks fun.

Meeting LuuEdit

Luu then apologizes to them, and even asks if she can have a teeny bit of Sieg. Shion then hits her on the head and says that he raised Sieg from an egg. Luu then hits Shion and introduces herself as The Flirty Lil Magical Girl of the Forest. Shion and Luu then get into an arguement. Emma then hugs Luu saying that she is a child and is normal for her to make mistakes. Luu then gropes Emma and says that it is warm. Emma then tells Luu that Sieg is an important member of Shion's family and can't eat him. Emma and Luu then start to talk about my she is there. She then says why they are there. Shion says that they are looking for a spring, which Luu asks if what they're looking for is the lightning spring. Luu says that it is further in the forest and that she will guide them as an apology. Luu then grabs Emma and takes her with her. Shion then wonders if they should follow her, but says the she may come in handy.

Journey to the SpringEdit

Luu walks ahead, while Shion, Emma, and Anise are chased by trees. Emma then asks if the spring is making the trees walk. Shion then sees multiples of Emma. Emma is shocked to see multiples of her and they see that the tree roots are mimicking her. Luu then tells them to hurry up. Anise then says that her common sense is different then theirs. Luu says that she can tell that the forest more active. A boulder then flies at Luu, but she activates her magic and destroys it with Sylph. Shion then creates a house. Inside the house, Shion asks Luu about her magic. Luu then insults Shion and runs way. Emma then asks if Luu would like some cake. Luu thinks its amazing. Emma then wipes Luu's face. Then house is then destroyed by a boulder. Luu then attacks the boulder, but blades come out. Elsewhere two guy are talking about the Echidna. One of them is introduced as Garnett and the other as one of the three sages of the west Zodia. Shion then saves Luu by turning his broom into a blade. Luu then asks why he saved her. Shion tells her that he thiks of her as one of them. They then arrive at the spring.

Preforming the RitualEdit

After arriving at the spring, Luu jumps in and has her wounds healed. Luu says that it is weird and that their is more water and that the zapping is stronger. Luu the warns them. Emma then prepares to bath in the spring by taking her clothes off. Shion then puts a bathing suit for them to wear. They get into the spring but Emma passes out from the shock. Shion then wakes Emma up and says to try to remain conscious. Shion then explain the ritual to her. Luu tries to get them to stop, but Emma says that she won't give up. They then start the ritual. Anise warns Luu about the barrier while they bathe. Luu and Anise talk about Shion for the last hour of the ritual. Zodia and Garnett then arrive. Zodia says that he is their to take the Echidna and that he wants to create a cream world where everyone can use magic. Garnett then perpares to kick the barrier.

Zodia's MissionEdit

Garnett activates his magic and prepares to attack. Luu attacks him first and activates her magic. Garnett then worries about his clothes being destroyed. Luu asks Anise who they are. Anise says that Zodia is one of the Three Sages of the West. She continues to say that they are the only royalty of the kingdom Skull Eye. Anise also says that Zodia is the opposite of Shion. Zodia tells him that gouging out the heart of the Echidna and use its power to move history and help the cultures of the world is this mission and promise. Anise thinks that there is thirty minute left and wonders what to do. Luu tells them that if they want the Echidna, they have to go through her. Zodia then gets mad. Garnett then begins to fight her. Garnett compliments Luu that she was able to complete the ritual for Chain-Summon magic. Luu then remembers her past.

Luu's pastEdit

Luu was an orphan child from a woman who bathed in the spring. One day she sees people congradulates a girl for perform magic. She then looks up magic so she will be praised. Luu then chooses to do a ritual to hit a rock a million times. After she succeed the ritual, noone praised her and thought she was scary. When the village is affected by the spring, they asks Luu to jump into the river and live in the forest and by would grateful to her. They push her off the cliff. Zodia stops her and tells her that she was abandoned by the village and used as a live sacrifice. he continues to say that Shion is going the same time while he is preforming the ritual. After Zodia heads to the barrier, Luu stops him. Zodia then attacks him with his Dark Rocket Shoot. After Zodia defeats luu, Garnett tells Zodia that their target is the Echidna. As Zodia then leaves but Luu grabs his foot. Zodia gets mad and asks why she would follow Shion and not him. Shion then punches Zodia before he attacks Luu. Luu is glad that they completed the ritual. Shion hugges Luu thanking her for her help, which she thinks its different from the villager. Shion then goes to fight Zodia.

Shion VS. ZodiaEdit

Shion and Zodia have a short confersation before they fight. Shion then gets ready to fight but Garnett tell his that his Broom Magi is almost used up. Emma becomes worried and Anise explains that mages can only use magic for a limited amount of times and have to preform the ritual again afterwards. Shion says to trust him and as long as she believes in him he won't lose to anyone. Emma blushes but Anise and Luu that hitting him for not menching them. Zodia the attacks Shion with Dark Rocket Shoot, but Shion dodges. Luu wants to join in but Anise stops her. Zodia thinks that even though Shion is a criminal, people still admire him and that he gets aggravated. He then attacks Shion sending him back. Shion then activatres a spell that summons a sword calls Broom Star and restores how much he can use magic. Shion and Zodia then continue attacking each other. Zodia tells Shion that the new ritual can backfire. Shion says that Zodia hasn't changed. Shion then talks about when they first met and what they talked about. Shion then attacks Zodia tearing his clothes. Shion notices a tattoo but Garnett grabs Zodia and leaves.


While Zodia and Garnett are leaving, they talk about how Zodia is preforming a ritual wher he can use have his power. Garnett continues to say that the ritual is used to obtain the ultimate air force magic. Zodia says taht he let his feel take over, and that are still of plenty of chances to obtain the Echidna. Back at the site, Shion says that they chased Zodia away but more will come. Shion continues to says that they have to head up to the next ritual, Luu realizes that they have to say goodbye. Shion then thanks Luu for helping then while they preform the ritual. After Shion calls her Flirty, Luu says that its live sacrifice and that the village abandoned her. Emma then says taht she should come with them. Luu declines and says that it was fun and they should come bak to forest sometimes. Shion grabs Luu and jumps into the spring. Shion says that she might not be flirty and she is not a live sacrifie but she is Luu. Shion says that he doesn't care what happens to her but Emma already this musch he has to go with it. Luu starts crying and hits Shion. Emma then decides to join in. Anise then joins in but gets shocked when she hits the water. Later inside Sieg, Shion is thinking about the event that have unfolded. Emma then bring Luu, wearing different. Shion says that anyone can look good in fine clothes, causing Luu to attack him thinking that he insulted her. Later when they sit down for a meal Anise laughs. Anise says that its just like a family and that Shion and Emma are the daddy and mommy while Luu is the daughter. Luu says taht Anise is like the big sister and grabs Anise and Shion and Emma's Arms. Shion says taht they have to make a detour to obtain Broom Magic and sends a letter. In Fool's Town, a boy says that they received a letter from Shion. An old man comes out of a pot and says that he can't what start working.

Fool's TownEdit

Emma is excited to be visiting a city. Shion tells her she can walk around the city but not to get lost. Shion then gives Emma and Luu each three thousand rel for shopping. Emma then thanks him and Luu hugs him. When they are walking in the city, Luu hides behind Shion because of the crowds of people. Emma gets excited and decides to walk around the city with everyone. Emma then shows Shion something weird, bute calls it cute which Shion agrees and Anise calls them a stupid couple. A shopkeeper tells at Luu for stealing an apple. She tells her that she needs money for it, which Luu asks what is money. She then reconizes Shion and Anise. Emma says that they know each other and Anise tell them that Shion perform rituals and learned magic in this city. Emma then introduces herself as Shion's wife. The shopkeeper is surprized by this and is shocked to learn that Luu is their daughter. Shion then become fustrated over thing misunderstand. Emma then looks around and notices that nobody is afraid of him. Anise tells her that most of the people around here know Shion for a long time and the peopel who come here respect him.

Garlan & TotoEdit

Garlan and Toto arrive and asks what took Shion so long. Shion apologizes for this. Emma asks why he is in a vase. Garlan says she has a nce body and if she to preform a ritual with him. Shion then strangles him and ask if he wants him to smash his head over his vase. Garlan says that Shion has run out of Broom Magic, that he has been passed all powerful, and that he used Broom Star. Shion then compliment Garlan saying that he created the magic eye meter and that he is a perverted old man. They are all sitting at a cafe. When Garlan mentions SS and Red, Luu asks what that means. Toto explain that SS is the rank and that red is the type. Toto then says that Shion is a black magician and can us any type of magic. Luu then jumps up and threatens to punch him if he doesn't shut up. Shion then says that they have to start the ritual. Shion then tosses Emma a whistle that will summon him if they get in trouble while they are shopping.


Later Emma decides that she wants to give Shion a present. Emma the realizes taht she is low on money. Someone then says that she can get more. Anise then asks who he is. He says taht he is Karoron and that he is an olg friend of Shion's. Emma then asks how she can get money. Karoron says that she can play in a small casino of his and the he can give her a small payout because she is Shion's wife. Emma then agrees to this. karoron then laughs in his head saying that he was never friend with Shion and that he will charge Emma with a huge debt and extort it from her. Later in the casino, Emma win 300 times in a row. A player tells Karoron that she is a true gambler and taht she kept getting better cards after they started cheating with magic. Emma says that she will take 15 rel and give everything back, surprizing Karoron. Anise praises Emma for making on her own and not calling Shion, while Luu asks what she is getting Shion.

Preforming the RitualEdit

In his place, Garlan tells Shion that he has been boring because noone wants top preform a ritual where you have to defeat a thousand agiris. Shion says to send them his way. Garlan replies that he sending more then the usual amount. Garlan leaves the vase and releae that his lower part is insect like. Shion says that he looks awesome and to bring it on. Garlan send insect to attack him. Emma, Luu, and Anise then show up. Toto asks if they are done visiting the streets. Emma says that they have had a lot of fun and that she was able to buy Shion a present. luu says taht Garlan look awesome. Toto says taht he is half-man and half-bug taht rare really rare in the world. Toto then explains Broom Magic. Garlan tells Shion that he has gotten sluggish, which he then proceeds to detroy the incests. Luu says taht they are both amazing. Toto says that its was not fun in the beginning and that Shion con't complete the ritual no matter what he did. Anise then calls him an idiot that will go with anything he made his mind about. Toto says that is his strongest attribute. Toto then explains some of the things that he has done for them. Toto tells Emma that she married the right person and the he will give her all the happiness with all his might. Shion hits him and says taht he was able to complete the ritual. Garlan tells Emma that he is tired and can he us her bosom as a pillow. Shion then slams his head into the floor.

Love LetterEdit

Toto and Luu tell Emma to give then present to Shion. Emma then gives Shion a letter, which everyone says that its a love letter. Shion takes the letter and says taht he will give her a present. Everyone says that he has no sense of beauty and piks up weird stuff. Emma says that she already recieved the whistle that when blown Shion will come. Everyone asks what is one tha letter and causes Shion to drop the letter. A magical beast breaks from its cage and Shion stops it. Afterward Garlan tells Shion to keep looking forward. Shion then tries to read the letter but it blows up. Shion then ask Emma what was on the letter. She wrote what she likes about him and other stuff. Anise then sasys that it was really a love letter.

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