Character Information
Rōmaji Name Gasupa
Gender Male
Age 21
Status Active
Magic Unknown
Rank A
Manga Debut Chapter 16

Character Biography

Gaspar is a rank A Black Magician. He's the eldest of the three Magi brothers and also the leader of the group.


Gaspar has long black hair and has a headband that covers one of his eyes. He also wears a necklace around his neck. He wears a coat over his shoulders and black shorts, that fold at the top, over white pants. He also has a muscler build and scars over all his body. After devouring his brothers souls, he grow two horns on his head.


Gaspar has been shown that he wants to kill everyone in the world for the ultimate bliss. He is even willing to kill his two brother to obtain more power to achieve to goal, But when some talks bad about his brothers or their goal, he is willing to defend them with force.


Echidna Battle Arc

Magical Techniques & Abilities

Due to his Black ranking, he is capable of using powerful magic. Gaspar has been seen using forbidden black magic. Gaspar is also able to use a magic ability that lets him create swords out of his scars and wounds.


  • Matching Key of the Magical Realm: A key that creates a door that links the owners with same magic keys.

Magic & Magic Summonings

Gaspar has been seen useing forbidden dark magic to make himself strong. He also has a magic ability to create blade out of the scars on his body.

Deathroll, the Soul Drinker: A dark forbidden magic that allow the caster to take out the soul and devouring it, a person can increase the number of lives he has. Also the person whose soul was taken out is as good a dead.

Unknown Magic: A unknown magic ability that lets a person create swords from scars on their body. The caster also has the ability to create sword from new wounds.

  • Howl of Pain, Death Scream of the Red Knight: Gaspar creates 20 swords out of his body.


  • His name comes from the traditional and religious uses, it is also a name ascribed to one of the Magi.