(おじいちゃん, Ojichan)

Character Data
Gender Male
Status Alive
Team Pirza's Golems
Magician Rank Red Magician Red Magician
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 55

Character OutlineEdit

Grandpa (おじいちゃんojiichan) is one of the mascots of the amusement park that was created by Pirza.


Grandpa is a person that likes to kill. He also talks more the more he becomes active.


Grandpa is an older looking man with shoulder length dark hair and a pencil mustache. He wears a full body dog costum. The costum has overalls with a black t-shirt under the straps. It also has a hat on the dog head. his face is seen through the dog costum's mouth.

After activating his magic, he gains fanged teeth. His costum's skin becomes dark and more muscler. The top of the costum's head changes to a different dog. Its cloths changes to a black sleeveless shirt with a fur collar, he also wears stripped pants with black shoes.


Dark 7 Series ArcEdit

Grandpa first appeared after Raven defeated Strange Rabbit Junior. When Shion and the others complete the Ghost Castle, He opens one of his eyes and says that they are different from the rest. He meets up with Emma and Luu when they are split from the others. He then asks Mr. Cat to let him be the one to kill them. He then fight Luu, which they both fight equally against each other. He then activates his magic and attacks Luu in the stomach 50 times. He then notices that she blocked all of them, and he thinks that she was able to see through his speed. Luu then tells him to do his best for she will do her best, too. He then blocks Luu's next attack but she activates her 100 combo. He then repeatedly attack Luu but she easily blocks them all. He then attacks again but she disappears. She appears on top of him and tells him that he is to slow. He is then hit off the coaster. He then jumps and tells them that they are not strong enough to make them disappear. Luu then attacks him and Mr. Cat and are defeated.

Magic & AbilityEdit

Grandpa is a golem that was created by the magician Pirza. He can also use
  • Activating Coffee Cup
  • Instant Kill
sorcerer-level magic.

Coffee Cup: Is a type of physical alteration magic. The more the user turns the spinner on their stomach, the fast they become.

  • Instant Kill: Grandpa hits his opponent 50 times in the stomach.

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