This is the place, where destiny unfolded ~
Hawk Eye

Hawk Eye

Hōku Ai
Location Eaglyas
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Hawk Eye (鷹の眼王国, (ホークアイ), Hōku Ai, Japanese for "Hawk Eye's Kingdom") is a magic city located on the continent of Eaglyas ruled by the King of Hawk Eye.


Hawk eye park 2

Magic in Hawk Eye

Hawk Eye is a magic city located on the continent of Eaglyas. The citizens use magic for their daily activities, such as cooking, for transportation, for business, and even fashion.


Hawk eye park

Emma arrives at Hawk Eye

Emma arrives at Hawk Eye and accidentally attracts some men because of the Echidna. The king also fell in love with her and forced her to marry him. At the ceremony, the king jumps on Emma as she walks down the aisle. As Emma tries to push him away, Shion arrives inside a dragon and rescues her from the king.

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