Our next ritual involves bathing in the legendary "Holy Spring of Luna", which is said to hold sacred power, and cleanses your body...
Holy Spring of Luna

Holy Spring of Luna

Shinsen Runa
Location Andorra Outlands
Manga Debut Chapter 5

Holy Spring of Luna (神泉ルナ, Shinsen Runa) is a legendary bathing area said to hold a sacred power and is able to cleanse the body. It is located on the Andorra Outlands.[1]


Located somewhere in the deepest regions of the Andorra Outlands, the legendary spring is said to be able to heal any kind of disease of one who bathes in it for a certain amount of time. However, if the one who bathes on the spring is touched by others, an extreme pain will go through their body as though they're being struck by lightning.[1]

There is a powerful life energy hidden within its waters that alters everything that's around it. It gave birth to organisms that have never been seen before and also seems to warp the space causing supernatural phenomena. Of all the people the tries to find the spring, those who are able to return brings tales of the horrors they have encountered.[2]


Devil's Pot

The Devil's Pot

A long time ago, during ancient times, a certain being known as the devil was trying to heal his deep wounds. He took the life of different creatures and put them in a pot. The contents of the pot is said to be the source of the Holy Spring of Luna. While it can heal and cure anything, the grudges held by the creatures used as its ingredients will bestow unbearable and excruciating pain to the ones who touch it.[3]


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