How Exactly Are They Different?

Magico 27

dorekurai seikaku ni , karera ha kotona rimasuka
Chapter Information
Release Date September 18th, 2011
Arc Best Couple Contest Arc
Chapter 27
Volume With All One's Heart
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How Exactly Are They Different? (どれくらい正確に、彼らは異なりますか?dorekurai seikaku ni , karera ha kotona rimasuka ?) is the twenty-seventh chapter of the Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Above the field a flying unicorn carries coffin behind it. The coffins then fall in front of the contestants. Inside are doubles of the contestants. The announcer then says whats wrong with them and how are they different fromthe originals. The differences are of "Appearance", "Thought" and "Experience". They then start off with the appearance. Joshua gropes the doubles breasts. Emma looks around the doubles body and saysthat it is the moles at the back of his neck is not there. Shion points out that her breasts are not flat and gets it correct.

Ten couple didn't get it correct, and then they start the thought question. The doubles will then say why they want to win this contest with a single difference. Shion then worries about revealing the fact about magico. The double says that they what to create medicine to save her. Shion then worries that if they don't answer in time they will be eliminated. Rosetta's double says that it is to run away. Joshua replies that it is not to run away from the king of Dragon Tail, but to kill him. Then another contestant reveals that Joshua and Rosetta are the queen and Leader of the knight order, that eloped and ran away together. Joshua then reveals that he killed most of the pursuers and that he will protect the women he loves.

While everyone way yelling at them. Shion and Emma answers the question. Emma then thinks about what Joshua said and thinks about this. The announcer then calms the audience down and they proceed to the last question. Then the double of Shion opens his mouth anf swallows Emma.