Character Information
Kana Name かろろん
Gender Male
Status Active
Manga Debut Chapter 12

Karoron (かろろん) is a Swindler Mage from Fool's Town.

Appearence & PersonalityEdit

Karoron close

Close up of Karoron's face.

Karoron has long hair with a large scar running trough his entire face and wears a tall mage hat with a jacket covering his entire body. He's very tall and has a slim figure.

As a swindler mage, Karoron takes advantage of other people as when he did it with Emma. He likes to trick people so that he can steal from them later.


City of Ritualists ArcEdit

When Shion left for his Broom Magic ritual, Karoron tried to take advantage of Emma trying to trick her so that he could stela from her later. He told Emma to play in a casino because he thought she was gonna lose and have a huge debt with him. But to he's and assistants's surprise, Emma won 300 times in a row gaining a lot of money. She told him that she would only take the money she needed for the present she was gonna give Shion and give him the rest.

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