editKing of Hawk Eye

King 3

Character Data
Gender Male
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 1

The King of Hawk Eye is the ruler of the Magic City, Hawk Eye.

Plot OverviewEdit

First Ritual ArcEdit

King 2

The king after seeing Emma

While riding on his carriage, the king sees Emma surrounded by a group of men asking her out. The king immediately fell in love with her and forces her to marry him. He arranged a sudden marriage. As Emma walks in the aisle towards him, the king jumps on her and tries to kiss her. As Emma tries to stop the king from kissing her, an old woman arrives and, after noticing Emma, tries to tell the king something but was cut short when a dragon comes bursting through the wall.


The king trying to kiss Emma

The king orders his guards to defend the castle. However, the dragon opens its mouth and a boy seems to be sitting inside its mouth. The boy then entangles Emma with his broom magic and flies off. After Emma left, the king is confused about his actions. The old woman explains that he was charmed by Emma's magic power and that she is an Echidna that has the power to destroy the world. After hearing about the power of the Echidna, the king orders his men to find Emma, saying that with her power, he can rule the world.