Character Information
Kana Name いとしのレイラ
Rōmaji Name itoshi no reira
Title The Queen of Getting-Dumped
Gender Female
Age over 500
Race Undine
Status Alive
Magic Dark Gemini Zone
Manga Debut Chapter 31

Character OutlineEdit

Layla is one of the 20 Undine's sisters. She is also the one assigned to Emma in the third Ritual in the tournamet.


Layla is mostly filled with jealousy ause she was dumped so many times. She is also shown to have alot of rage when she is thought of being underestimated. She also has a fear of the Echidna.


Layla has long hair with pointy ears. She wears a blak open vest with rings on her neck and both forearms. SHe also wears a scarf and a long blak skirt. She also has a tattoo on her left shoulder.


As a little girl she say the echidna sink a continent and a person holding a woman head next to the Echidna. Layla in the past has been said to be dumped ten tousand times.


Best Couple Contest Tournament ArcEdit

Laya first appeared being summoned for the third ritual. She then says that in order to exstinguish the fuse they need their tears. She then tells the wives to comes and that they will show them what true fun is. After Emma yells at her, she excepts her challenge. When Emma hits her and pulls her breast she gets annoyed and hits her. After Shion yells a her, she then blushes and says that she's prettier then her. Then one of her sisters then tells them that she has been dumped around ten thousand times and is known as the queen of getting dumped. She also says that she is overflowing with jealousy. Layla then looks at her says if she wants to make her cry. After Emma mess-up with her magic layla ativates her Dark Gemini Zone to drown her. Her sister then says that the sea is like her heart. Layla then sense the Echidna in Emma then gets frighten. She then asks if Emma is the Echidna. When Emma walks to her she backs off. When her sister asks her why she afraid, Layla replies that she was a baby when it happened. She then tries to run away but Emma holds onto her. She then tries to hit her off but fails. After Emma pulls on her cheek Layla cries. She then had her memory sucked out, by a member of Sephirot, and Asks why she cried and what emma did to her.

Magic & AbilityEdit

Layla is shown to us magic that works with her mind.


  • Dark Gemini Zone: The caster creates a dark sea with their mind, which one can use to drag someone down into, which will drown the victim, along with eroding their heart.