(レイシャ, Reisha)

Character Data
Gender Female
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 25

Character OutlineEdit

Leisha (レイシャ, Reisha) is the fake wife of Jute. She entered the Best Couple Contest to help Jute win the tournament to sell the prize.


Leisha appears to be a very open minded person, who is unafraid to speak her mind, she also commonly insults her partner Jute


Leisha has light coloured hair worn in two braids to the side. She also wears a very intricately designed hooded cloak over a white vest.


Best Couple Contest Tournament ArcEdit

Jute and Leisha Intro

Jute and Leisha's introduction.

Leisha first appeared after Joshua insulted the contestants, paying no mind to it. When Jute asks her why she is okay with it, she tells him that they not really married but pretending to in order to win the prize and sell it. When Alice threatens to kill Joshua and sends Tomp flying, Jute recognizes her as the world champion of magical martial arts while Leisha refers to her as "bridezilla". While several other contestants attempt to calm her down, Jute notices that several powerful mages have entered the contest such as Juubee, Neru-Neru and Shion, she then ensures Jute that they will win.

During the first ritual "Carrying Your Bride", Leisha under the guise of Jute's wife drank a magic potion which increased her weight one hundred times her original weight, while Jute was saddled with the task of carrying her across the finish line. The second ritual Couples Q&A, consisted of both her and Jute 

Leisha and Alice

Leisha and Alice during "Couples Q&A".

answering questions about eachother, she had been seated next to Alice and the two found the questions easy. When the MC announced the husbands only question; "What is your wife's B-W-H?" she, like most other contestants appeared to be extremely embarressed and she appeared heavily blushing. Alongside this question there was a question 
Leisha Duplicate

Leisha inspecting the Jute clone.

worth three hundred points, a coffin appeared before her and from which appeared a duplicate of Jute. Her task was to spot the differences in Appearance, Thought and Experience in the duplicate. She was then presumably eaten by the clone and met by a fairy, who then questioned Leisha on Jute's past.

During the intermission, she alongside jute and the Neru-Neru couple meet in a deserted corridor, plotting to use a mental attack against Joshua and Rosetta, however Shion attacks Neru-Neru and Jute dubs the plan as horrible and that he will have no part of it, leaving leisha lost for words. When the third task began, Jute was turned into a bomb and she had to acquire the tear of an Undine in order to save him from being blown up, she was unsuccessful and thus, was eliminated from the contest.

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