Chapter 61

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Release Date May 30th, 2012
Arc Echidna Creator Arc
Chapter 61
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Deeper Than Darkness
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Lie (うそをつくusowotsuku) is the sixty-first chapter of Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


The black cat holding a crystal plays the message. Anise appears and says that it's a message of farewell. Shion and Emma are shocked. The message continues to say that she was always lying, and that she was created by the man who created the echidna, Typhoeus Oz. Shion and Emma are both shocked again, but Shion wonders if someone created the echidna. The message continues to say that all of the black cats around are Golems that were created by him, and that their role is to find Emma and to keep her under surveillance. It also says that after inplanting the echidna into an infant Emma's heart, Sephirot took her and sealed her in a barrier. Anise then goes on to say that she is grateful to be rid of Shion and Emma, and it end with Anise still telling them good luck.

The black cats then cheer for Anise revealing that she was a traitor to them. Shion then breaks the crystal and says that she was lying. He says that Oz and her role maybe true but saying farewell was a lie. Shion then asks where she is. They try to get the info by using catnip and grilled fish. One of the black cats ask if they are going to get revenge for Anise. Shion tells him that they are going to bring her back. He then starts to remember that Anise was their for him when he was trying to become a magician. He then asks where she is and the cat tells him that she is on the moon.

On the moon, Oz says that its been exactly 15 years, 15 months, 15 days, 15 hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds since he began his slumber. He then asks Anise where the echidna is. She then tells tells him where the echidna is, while holding a knife behind her back, but the someone tells Oz that she is planning on ending his life. He says that he knows and reveals that the voice is coming from the back side of the moon, and that it is is fact the head of the echidna.

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