Character Information
Kana Name リリー
Rōmaji Name Rirī
Gender Female
Status Active
Magic Praline's Blessing
Family Unnamed Mother (mother)
Manga Debut Chapter 14

Character OutlineEdit

Lily (リリー Rirī) is the daughter of the former towns "Praline's Blessing". She is the partner of Rogue that protects her every time.


At her house, her mother is on her line of death which that she bestow Lily with the "Inheritance of Blessing". Then she an Rogue where been talking with each other saying that he mother is always inside her, and that she will do the same thing like her mother did. She stopped Rogue many times when he was battling with citizens for nothing, when he arrived at her house to show her a new flame that he has created, the towns priest then says that she has been missed, which that she has been kidnapped.


Echidna Battle ArcEdit

She has been seen in a tower on a unknown location. She where then been seeing in her past alongside with Rogue. After that Rogue and Shion has been break into the hideout of the priest, she has seen surrounded by tentacles. Shion then figures out that, if they hit the tentacles, the damage will come to Lily. Lily then tell Rogue that he must get rid of the priest. The priest then puts a pressure to Lily and tell her that he must give him the "Pralines Blessing". She is then bestowing the priest, after completing it, Shion and Rogue then attacks the priest. After the battle and the rescue, she recovers Emma from her illness due to the Echidna, which later after that Shion thanked them, she and Rogue returned to their hometown.

Magic & AbilitiesEdit

The Inheritance

Lily and her mother's inheritance

She is using the Praline's Blessing magic to cure everyone that has a normal or extremely big illness. To obtain the magic, she mustn't not undergo a ritual but the inheritance of it which called the "Inheritance of Blessing" which she must be bestow to obtain the magic. The ritual version is also the same which she must bestow the person who wants to obtain it, but it takes time to complete the ritual. The magic ability is extremely lovely by others to cure their self in the battles. Which that magical ability she is a "White Magician".


SVA RogueEdit

Rogue is protecting her each time and is extremely willing to go off far to search her when she is in trouble. She has an affection to him because they know each other for a really long time. During the battle with the priest she said that she will not see her precious ones vanish in front of her eyes.