(ライオネル, Raioneru)

Character Data
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Team Magi
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 21

Character OutlineEdit

Lionel (ライオネルraioneru) is the youngest brother of the Magi.


Lionel was a small child that wore plain white pants and shirt. He also had bandages on his arms and legs. He also had short light colored hair and bandages around it. Her had a patch over his left eye and three lines under each eye. He also had a booger hanging from his nose.


Lionel was a very kind person. He also cared about his brothers alot even wanting to become a white magician so he could heal them.


Echidna Battle ArcEdit

Lionel first appeared when Gaspar was remember when he and his brother were test subject. Lionel with in a cell with his other brothers. He does a wierd dance and when asked what he is doing, he said he was preform a ritual to become a white magician. He was said that it was his dream to cure his brothers. Balthazar and Melchior then pick on his for it and be sneezes on them. They then chase after him. After Gaspar completed his ritual, he and his brothers then escaped but had blades coming out of his body. After escaping his brother tried to get help for him but noone would help them. Later Lionel tells his brother that he wishes that if he was not like the was then his dreams would have come true and that his brother have to endured so much pain. He was then turned into blades. Later when Shion and Gaspar clash, Gaspar remembered that more and that Lionel wanted to be with his brothers forever.

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