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An list of Magico manga chapters written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto. Here under is a list of chapters.

List of Volumes

# Volume Title Release Date
Ceremony of Fate
July 4, 2011
Chapter 1: "Ritual for Two" (ふたりの儀式 Futari no Gishiki)

Chapter 2: "Oath to One Another" (それぞれの誓い Sore zore no chikai)
Chapter 3: "Unwavering Heart" (まよわぬ心 Mayowanu Kokoro)
Chapter 4: "Your Real Identity" (あなたの正体 Anatano Shoutai)
Chapter 5: "Hints of Uneasiness" (ざわめきの予感 Zawamekino Yokan)
Chapter 6: "Ferocious Magical Girl" (もうれつ魔法少女 Mouretsu Mahou Shoujyo)
Chapter 7: "Forest of the Devils" (あくまたちの森 Akumatachi no Mori)

Magico Volume 1
For You
September 2, 2011
Chapter 8: "For The Sake of Whom?" (誰かのために Dare ka no tame ni)

Chapter 9: "Thank You" (ありがとう Arigatō)
Chapter 10: "In the Night of Falling Stars" (星の降る夜に Hoshi no Furu Yoru Ni)
Chapter 11: "Family" (家族 Kazoku)
Chapter 12: "Fool's Town (Chapter)" (ブール・タウン Būru Taun)
Chapter 13: "Straight Forward" (まっすぐに Mattsuguni)
Chapter 14: "Praline's Blessing" (プラリネの祝福 Purarine no Shukufuku)
Chapter 15: "The Most Precious Treasure" (大切なもの Taisetsu na Mono)
Chapter 16: "Three of Perpetual Darkness"

Magico Volume 2
Meteoric Shower
December 2, 2011
Chapter 17: "Phoenix Mage Melchior" (風術師• メルキオール Fūjutsushi Merukiōru)

Chapter 18: "Balthazar of the Devil's Ice" (邪氷のバルタザール Jahyou no Barutazāru)
Chapter 19: "Cinderella of 100 Hits" (100撃のシンデレラ Hyaku Geki no Shinderera)
Chapter 20: "Each Respective Bond" (それぞれの絆 Sorezore no Kizuna)
Chapter 21: "The Sword of Oath" (誓いの剣 Chikai no Ken)
Chapter 22: "More and Always" (もっと、ずっと Motto, Zutto)
Chapter 23: "Dress Up Girl!"
Chapter 24: "Couples Impact!!!"
Chapter 25: "Opening!!!"

Magico Volume 3
With All One's Heart
February 3, 2012
Chapter 26: "Q&A"

Chapter 27: "How Exactly Are They Different?"
Chapter 28: "The Truth"
Chapter 29: "Secret"
Chapter 30: "The Present"
Chapter 31: "A Wavering Heart, Fireworks, and Bombs"
Chapter 32: "Battle of the Brides"
Chapter 33: "Courage"
Chapter 34: "The Quickening"

April 3, 2012
Chapter 35: "The Final Ritual Competition"

Chapter 36: "Magic Rumble"
Chapter 37: "To the End of a Thousand Words"
Chapter 38: "Summoning the Demon God"
Chapter 39: "Splendid Couple"
Chapter 40: "A Place to Return To"
Chapter 41: "Black Tears"
Chapter 42: "The Opponents I Must Defeat"
Chapter 43: "Othello Death Match"


Chapters not yet in Tankōbon Volumes

Image Chapters List
Shonen Jump - Magico First Cover Chapter 44: "Trading Pieces"

Chapter 45: "Their Wills are Passed Down"
Chapter 46: "Comet Summon"
Chapter 47: "Decisive Full Power"
Chapter 48: "The Best Battle"
Chapter 49: "Complete Conclusion"
Chapter 50: "Home Party"
Chapter 51: "Setting Off on Their Various Journeys"
Chapter 52: "The Ambitious One"
Chapter 53: "The Assault of the Marriage Proposal"

Jump Next Spring Edition: "Magico Side story"
Jump Next Summer Edition: "Ceremony of Summer" (夏の儀式 Natsu no Gishiki)
Jump Next Winter Edition "The Black Cat Santa"


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