editLord Marouni Gate

Marouni Gate

Marouni Gate (マロウニ ゲイト, Marouni Geito)

Character Data
Gender Male
Status Alive
Magician Rank Blue Magician Blue Magician
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 3

Character InformationEdit

Marouni Gate (マロウニ ゲイトMarouni Geito) is the billionaire mage and is considered as the world's richest man.


He has shoulder length hair and wears glasses. He wears a black expensive-looking tuxedo with a white neckerchief.


Due to his status as the world's richest man, he looks down on those who cannot enter his "Eden". He has a sadistic nature and enjoys treating his slaves with cruelty, often torturing them.


Marouni was the first person to develop the rituals for Telecommunication Magic that is used for television and telephones. He was able to gain wealth by selling the licensing rights for the rituals.

Plot OverviewEdit

Gathering ArcEdit

Marouni defeated

Marouni defeated by Shion

He watches as one of his guards torture one of the slaves. He comments on the guard making him sick, but he later enjoys torturing the slave as well. As he is stepping on the slave, he notice Shion going near him and is attacked by his Broom Magic. As Shion grabs his Rubeus Manastone, Manouri recovers and reveals to everyone who Shion really is. When he learns that Shion only wants his manastone, he is somewhat disappointed but tells him that he is willing to throw away 10 billion rel (worth of the manastone) but not give it to anyone. He attacks Shion with his magic and belittles Shion because he knows what kind of magic he use. He also uses his Telecommunication magic that allows him to broadcast his battle with Shion. As the battle commences, Marouni uses his Infinite Hound Ceberus to attack Emma, angering Shion. Shion then uses his broom magic to create a gigantic golem to defeat him and destroys his castle in the process. After the battle, Marouni is hanging from a wooden plank and tells Shion that he will easily rebuild his castle and spread the word about Shion, promising that his name will sink into the ground. He tries to continue talking but is silenced by Emma.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Marouni is able to use different kinds of magic.

  • Telecommunication Magic. Marouni is the one who developed the ritual for telecommunication magic and is able to use it to broadcast events.


  • His surname "Gate" is named after a real life billionare, Bill Gates.