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Magic (魔法 Mahō) is the power that allows the user to interfere with and dominate all laws of the natural universe that allows them to make impossible things possible.[1]

Red MagicEdit

Red Magic
Name Description Appearance
Beast-Morph Magic
Chain Summon Magic

A magic that activates a powerful magical technique when the user hits a certain number.

Luu activates one of their combo's
Palm Exchange Magic
Chain Leg Summon
Chain leg
Coffee Cup
Coffee Cup
Road of Wish
Road of Wish
Straw Effigy of Cursed Blood
Unnamed Magic
Bunny's Black Claws

Blue MagicEdit

Magic Name Magic Information Magic Picture
Canine Magic A magic that changes another's body and mind into that of a dog. Canine magic
Ferris Wheel of the King A Space Controlling Magic. It allows the user to control whatever someone within his ferris wheel wears. Ferris Wheel
Hell Lesson A form-changing magic that allows the user's form to change depending the time that the magic is used, these forms grant the user powerful magic. Math Lesson
Infinite Hound Cerberus A magic that allows the user to control magical hounds that can home in on a target. Magic lord
Telecommunication Magic A magic that allows the user to communicate with others over large distances and broadcast events live. Telecommunication magic
Unnamed Magic A magic used by Piyoko that allows her to control monsters that reside within the ghost castle using a tombstone shaped remote control.

Green MagicEdit

Magic Name Magic Information Magic Picture
Dark Gemini Zone A magic that creates a dark sea using their mind, which can drown those within in and erode their hearts.
Demon's Words of a Thousand Curses A magic that uses word chains to summon various objects. Magico-2823717
Fire Magic A magic that allows the user to generate and manipulate fire. Users of this magic are referred to as "Flamists". Flamist
Unnamed Magic Neru-Neru's unnamed magic that allows him to conjure balloons. Balloons
Unnamed Magic Podrov's unnamed magic that allows him to summon magical armor using a magic wand and incantations.
Unnamed Magic Tomp's unnamed magic that allows him to summon a large mummy-like creature from the ground.

White MagicEdit

Magic Name Magic Information Magic Picture
Praline's Blessing A magic that has the ability to word off sickness, misfortune and curses using words. The Inheritance
The Princess Kiss A magic that can dispel curses, cure deep sleep and awaken slumbering power within a person or object Magico-2594969

Black MagicEdit

See AlsoEdit


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