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Magico (Ritual)

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Ritual Information
Type Gathering
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Magico (魔女の結婚儀 (マジコ) Japanese for: The Wedding Ceremony of Witches) is a set of wedding rituals that is able to strengthen the bond between two souls and said to also have the power to seal the power of Echidna. For this ritual to work, two people must get married, with one having the power of Echidna.

List of RitualsEdit

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The Wedding BandEdit

The Wedding Band is the first ritual that has the couple wear wedding rings that is able to suppress the power of the Echidna.

The Kiss of OathEdit

The Kiss of Oath is the second ritual that the couple needs to complete. It is done when the ones wearing the rings kiss each other on the lips, similar to that of a real wedding.

The DecorationEdit

The Decoration is a ritual that adds a Rubeus Manastone to the ring worn by the one who possess the power of the Echidna. It is said to be able to seal its power.

The PassageEdit

The Passage is the ritual for the crossing of the bovine god. It needs the couple to ride across a hundred bulls while keeping a rhythm.

The PurgeEdit

The Purge is the ritual of the sacred bath. It needs the one with the power of the Echidna to bathe in the Holy Spring of Luna for three hours while chanting an incantation.

The Praline's BlessingEdit

The Praline's Blessing is the ritual where the power of echidna is supressed by these words.

The Dress-upEdit

The Dress-up is the ritual where the one with the power of Echidna wear the "Elven Lord's Dress", "Veil of the Holy Dragon", and "Asura's Bouquet".

The Ritual of the Red PearlEdit

The Ritual of the Red Pearl is a ritual where the one with the power of Echidna indests the Red Pearl. Which is located on the depth of ocean water 3000 meter below.

The My HouseEdit

The My House is a ritual of the magical house. It's where Shion and Emma sleep in the house all day while taking in the magic from the house so that they have enough magic to suppress the echidna.

The Eternal HoldEdit

The Eternal Hold is a ritual where both of their bodies are wrapped up their bodies with the Triple Phoenix and hold each other for two days.