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More and Always

Magico 22

Motto, Zutto
Chapter Information
Release Date August 1th, 2011
Arc Echidna Battle Arc
Chapter 22
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The Sword of Oath
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More and Always (もっと、ずっと 'Motto, Zutto) is the twenty-second chapter of the Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


Gaspar vs. Emma

Gaspar vs. Emma

Shion falls down on the ground after the powerful attack coming from Gaspar. Gaspar is then walking to Emma which he is prepared to kill her. Anise is then trying to defend Emma but where been holden back by Gaspar. Emma is taken the broken sword of Shion preparing to fight Gaspar herself. Gaspar then ask her what she's trying to do with that broken sword. Emma doesn't speak and starts to attack Gaspar, but soon she gets been hit by him. She then tries it again which that Gaspar has been hitting her again.

Gaspar grabbing Emma

Gaspar grabbing Emma

Gaspar tells Emma that she mustn't struggle because the Echidna is served as a container that cannot give Emma powers but only curse world which she dies and told her to give up. Emma then says that she doesn't do such kind of thing and says that no one else has been given up for her which she says that it isn't no option for her. Gaspar then grab Emma by her throat saying that it is not her decision to make and that she has no other choice than to give up and with her death he will call upon the death of the world. Gaspar then tries to kill Emma saying that he must make the wish of him and his brothers coming true, Emma then says that she mustn't give up because there are so many things to see with them. Emma then cries saying that she wants to be together with them forever and always.

Link between Emma and Shion

Link between Emma and Shion

The ring of Emma gives of a light with a warm feeling. It vibrates the three souls withing Gaspar. Gaspar then reminds something saying that the container where the Echidna is is the heart and it contains the same level as Emma's soul. The ring then restores Shion due their connections. Shion stands up saying that he can feel Emma's soul, heart, feelings and pain through the ring. He then says that the moment they put on the rings the have been together as one. Shion then says that they will always be together when the ritual has ended and evenly after the ending of the ritual. Emma is happy, which that the power of Emma restores the sword of Shion. Gaspar is then in a completed outrage saying that he will break the sword again, putting every sword from his body in the Sword of Oath. Shion and Gaspar are clashing with each other which Gaspar obtained a flashback from his little brother Lionel. Gaspar is crying with Shion broke his powerful sword and finally has made fatal slash to Gaspar.

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