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Naoki Iwamoto (岩本 直輝 Iwamoto Naoki), born on August 5, 1985 in the Aiki Prefecture. He's the manga artist of the manga series Magico, a completed series that was featured in Weekly Shōnen Jump. He's a friend of Ryūhei Tamura the creator of Beelzebub.


Akamaru Jump:Edit

  • The Golden Dawn (Summer 2003)
  • God's Over (Summer 2003)
  • Certificate Heart Demolition (Spring 2004)
  • Link Trick (Summer 2008)

Weekly Shōnen Jump:Edit

  • Magico (No. 14) (ended)
  • Thief Musketeers (Shifuganna) ( No. 14, 2005)
  • Curl Up Like Black Syrup! - (No. 29, 2009)

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