(ねるねる, 'Neru-Neru')

Character Data
Gender Male
Status Active
Rank Unknown
Magician Rank Green Magician Green Magician
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 24

Character outlineEdit

Neru-Neru (ねるねる, Neru-Neru) is the husband of Roro-Roro. He is a contestant in the Best Couple Contest and the runner up of the previous one.


Neru-Neru can be described as a wise old man, very cheerful yet cunning, even taking it upon himself to mentally assault others to meet his own goals.


Neru-Neru looks like an elderly man with lots of wrinkles, long, wavy, light coloured hair, a large nose and he wears oversized, circular glasses. His appearance is identical to that of his wife Roro-Roro, consisting of a robe, pointed hat, a light coloured scarf with dark stripes and he is also seen carrying a walking stick.


Neru-Neru and his wife participated in the previous Best Couple Contest 50 years ago and came in second place.


Best Couple Contest Tournament ArcEdit

Neru-Neru first appeared trying to calm down Alice, after sending her husband, Tomp flying; while Jute notes that he and his wife are the runners up of the previous tournament 50 years ago. When the first ritual competition begins, he is the first entrant shown using Magic in order to carry Roro-Roro, he does this by creating a cloud of balloons to lift her into the air and carry her to the finish line. He and his wife came in third in the ritual of carrying the bride.

During the second ritual he looks at Joshua and Rosetta wonders if who they are. Later during the last questions of the second ritual, Joshua then confirms Neru-Neru's suspicions. He and his wife then passed the Q&A ritual. During the intermission, both himself and Roro-Roro were plotting to mentally assault both Rosetta and Joshua alongside Jute and his fake wife Leisha, Shion, who had overheard their conversation, assaults Neru-Neru with his broom magic, smashing him into a wall.

The third ritual consisted of Roro-Roro acquiring the tear of an Undine in order to put out the fuse of Neru-neru, who had been turned into a bomb, she was unsuccesful so therefore, Neru-Neru exploded, leaving the couple eliminated.

Magic and AbilityEdit


Neru-Neru's Magic

Balloon Magic: Neru-Neru is a mage and as such, is able to use magic. He is able to create hordes of balloons which can be attached to an object, this is  performed through the use of a magic wand. They appear to be very powerful as they could lift Roro-Roro after her body weight had been increased to about 4000-5000kg. This makes Neru-Neru most likely a Green Magician as his magic allows him to create balloons from nothing. This magic is unnamed and therefore the ritual undergone in order to use this magic is also unknown.

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