Magico 25

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Release Date September 4th, 2011
Arc Best Couple Contest Arc
Chapter 25
Volume Meteor Shower
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Couples Impact!!!
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Opening!!! (開始 kaishi) is the twenty-fifth chapter of the Magico manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Iwamoto.


All the contestants for the Best Couple Contest are furious at Joshua's remark of labeling everyone as pigs. As Joshua continues to make offensive coments about the couples, at least 400 couples, nearly 2/3 of the contestants have resigned while the remaining contestants are unfazed by it.

The other contestants then talk to each other of different things. Entry no. 036 Jute and Leisha, talk about that they are not a real couple and that they just wantthe magical house to sell it. Entry no. 091 Tomp and Alice, Alice get upset and wants to kill Joshua. Tomp tries to calm her down put gets sent flying. Jute reveals that Alice is the Female World champion of Magical Martial Arts. Entry no. 015 Juubee and Ayame, Juubee insults Tomp and Alice form that fact Alice is intimidating and Tomp is meek. Entry no. 003 Neru-neru and Roro-Roro, then tries to calm Alice down, and says that not getting worked upover the small thing is the secret to longevity. Jute then reveals that Juubee is an archmage that is rumored to conquer a country in the orient, and that Neru-Neru and Roro-Roro are the 2nd placeholder from the last tournament. He then wonders if Shion is the great criminal but dismisses it. He then start to cry that there at to many unexpected people their.

For their first contest, the females has to drink a potion which makes them weigh 100 times more while the man has to carry their wives and finish within the first 50 to proceed to their next contest. When Emma drinks the potion, she collpses on top of Shion, crushing and immobilizing him. Whilst everyone else uses their magic to carry their wives, including Joshua's couple. As Joshua passes, he comments on Emma being too heavy for Shion to carry, causing her to cry. Shion becomes angered by this and uses his broom to create an arm to carry Emma, and finishes the course before Joshua.